Historical & Ethical considerations (Solved)



Historical & Ethical considerations (20%): we should address the following questions points - some ideas included

Discuss the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary work"

- Benefits : more ideas , brain storming , lear from each other ,..ect

- challenges : hard to find suitable time for all or us , hard for us to anticipate the limitation of our study (

How does your group’s social positionality (age, class,race, ability) impact the role your response plays? some have more exepince on grocery stores that other , ?? add more

How have you contextualized your response in the social, cultural, political and/or environmental context of how this issue came to be? 

although our intervension will target the only people who buy from the store not the general population , ?? add more not sure

What are some of the ethical questions you anticipate will come up in creating this response? will only target people who use the stores , not every one has Pc optimum APP , people who don't know English ..ect

Do you anticipate that your response might compromise the comfort and safety of your target population, and how will you address this?

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