The purpose of this report is to promote and explain our campaign, Edulink, as well as demonstrate the steps that will be taken to achieve the mission of this campaign.




The purpose of this report is to promote and explain our campaign, Edulink, as well as demonstrate the steps that will be taken to achieve the mission of this campaign. Edulink has been designed to raise both awareness and funds for Eminus Academy, as well create an increased understanding of the future of urbanization and Sustainable Development. The Edulink campaign strives to help youth address some of the major development problems of today, such as overpopulation and the competition faced both locally and globally in regards to receiving quality education and employment (The Guardian, 2015). By promoting the Edulink campaign, we hope to raise awareness and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the New Urban Agenda, which have been carried out in the campaign’s planning process, mission statement, and vision statement.

The Problem:


The Edulink campaign strives to assist in creating a solution for the issue of new urban growth, particularly regarding the effect it has on youth employment. Currently, as a result of overpopulation and globalization, an increasing number of young people are living in cities, or are moving to these urban areas in search of employment (The Guardian, 2015). Today, youth are facing a competitive job market, resulting in many not being able to receive employment, largely due to a lack of qualifications. This issue is present in both developing and developed nations to varying extents, affecting the socioeconomic well being of youth. Nonetheless, we strive to promote a solution to this problem-Eminus Academy. Eminus Academy offers online courses for much less money than a university does (Eminus Academy, n.d.). When a student completes courses through Eminus Academy, they receive a certificate of completion signed by the University of the Fraser Valley, and UN Habitat. This is a credential that can be listed on resumes, diversifying youth from a large pool of competitors. As well, the learning material in Eminus Academy courses present themselves as solutions to several of the most pressing development issues of today, and can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and promote the New Urban Agenda.  

Another problem the Edulink campaign will address is making Eminus Academy affordable to youth, particularly in developing nations. Eminus Academy courses are no longer funded, and in order to make these courses accessible to students around the world and promote quality education, they must be affordable. By enforcing our campaign goal to donate a course to a student in a developing nation for each bought locally, we strive to achieve equality in education, promoting the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (United Nations, 2016). Through the input of several resources, such as advertising on social media and enforcing an international communication program between students this campaign strives to gain popularity by both offering the incentive of global experiences, as well as a way for youth around the world to increase their qualifications in the increasingly competitive urban economy. We hope the outcome of this campaign will display increased popularity in Eminus Academy course enrolment, allowing students both locally and globally to have access to Eminus Academy courses. Through the mentioned incentives and initial outputs we believe our campaign will provide youth around the world with the ultimate outcome of diversification in the increasingly competitive urban economy, as well as a chance to learn about and help influence global Sustainable Development practices. Please refer to Appendix A for a Logic Model. 

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