Adopt-a-Farm (AaF) is a leader in bringing together local residents with their farmers.



Assignment 4

Adopt-a-Farm (AaF) is a leader in bringing together local residents with their farmers.  The main objective of this business is to give guidance to all customers associated with soliciting helpers, assist farmers throughout the harvesting period, and deliver cost investments to the customers through purchasing local produce. This document will describe the technical requirements for the Adopt-a-Farm (AaF) virtual business.  Adding to that, a model and context diagram will be presented, and additional models will also be developed specifically for AaF.

High-level Technical Requirements

A virtual business (e-business) generally conducts its business via the internet and may not have any physical locations to communicate with consumers on a head-on basis. According to Ward (2019) “a virtual business conducts all or most of its business via the internet and does not have physical premises to interact with customers face-to-face” (para. 1). Keeping this in mind, a large number of business operations for example, sales, marketing and product growth, might be outsourced. Technical requirement for AaF is simple. Consequently, the necessity will be straightforward to visualize (Ward, 2019).

The high-level technical necessities of an e-business may be the cause of a widespread collapse of a system’s requirement. With that, e-business resembles key commercial procedures or system processes. The technical requirements are intended to deliver complete guidance to certain critical problems. At that point, they are precise, and can be successfully implemented with the assistance of an architectural developer. The functional necessities, which describe what the specific system should do, non-functional necessities that determine how a system should effectively work, also use cases that define how a method used to achieve an objective, will aid in developing the high-level requirements for AaF. 

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