What types of isolation rooms can Health Scholars enter with proper PPE?



Scope of Practice

  1. Define Scope of Practice.

  2. Under what conditions are Scholars allowed to handle medication? 

  3. What types of isolation rooms can Health Scholars enter with proper PPE? What types of isolation rooms can Junior Health Scholars enter with proper PPE? 

  4. What is the proper response if you are asked to do something that is out of your scope of practice?

  5. What are three examples of things a Scholar should never do on their shift? 

  6. Identify two tasks that you must receive permission from a staff member before completing.

Program Policies

  1. How far in advance does a Scholar have to submit a Leave of Absence Request? 

  2. How long of a break do you need to take after every 4 hours of shifting? 

  3. How many rescheduled, excused, and unexcused missed shifts are Scholars allowed per rotation?

  4. What two things must you do when you are going to miss a shift? 

  5. What five items does a complete Scholar uniform consist of? 

  6. Define Timesheet Falsification. What is the consequence of Timesheet Falsification?

Hospitals and Healthcare

  1. What are the names of the three major accrediting agencies? 

  2. What is accreditation?

  3. If you do not know the answer to a question asked by an accreditation surveyor, you should…

  4. Name two stakeholders in the US Healthcare System 

  5. Name two of the Social Determinants of Health

  6. Name four of the eleven HCAHPS measures

Patient Care 

  1. Name two things associated with the normal aging process that geriatric patients are most at risk for.

  2. What does “HIPAA” stand for and what is its purpose?

  3. What are the 5 ways to identify a patient? 

  4. What do “AIDET” and “SKAHI” stand for? 

  5. Name the five groups that make up the patient care team.

  6. What are three common signs or symptoms of someone dying?

Hospital and Patient Safety

  1. What do code blue and code gray mean, respectively? 

  2. What is the number that you dial to “call a code” in the hospital? 

  3. What is the central premise of universal health precautions? 

  4. Names four forms of Personal Protective Equipment that you could use in the hospital.

  5. What are three ways Scholars can help protect patient privacy? 

  6. Define “incident” and “injury” and give an example of each. 

Here are some extra questions for more practice!

  1. When are competency checklists due? 

  2. How far in advance do you need to request a letter of recommendation? 

  3. What is the purpose of a counseling session? 

  4. In order of occurrence, what steps do you need to take if you are injured—regardless of how minor the injury is—while shifting at the hospital?

  5. COPE Health Scholars are required by program policy to be mandatory reporters for what four things? 

  6. Name five careers that fall under the category of Allied Health.

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