Essay on Materials used in shopping bags



The topic is : (( materials used in shopping bags))

paper format:

1. Times New Roman at a font size of 11 points.

2. Page size: Letter.

3. Margins, in all directions, must be at least an inch.

4. Use only a standard, single-column format for the text.

5. Double-spaced line spacing.

6. Divide your article into clearly defined and numbered sections. Subsections should

be numbered 1.1 (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2, ...), 1.2, etc.

7. Maximum page limit: 20

8. Ensure that each figure has a caption. A caption should comprise a brief title and a

description of the illustration.

9. All references to other papers, books, etc., must be given at the end of the paper.

They should be numbered in sequence starting at the beginning of the paper. The

numbers (in brackets) should appear in the text at the appropriate places. Please

ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and

vice versa).

Reference style

Text: Indicate references by number(s) in square brackets in line with the text. The

actual authors can be referred to, but the reference number(s) must always be given.

Example:  as demonstrated [3,6]. Barnaby and Jones [8] obtained a different result


List: Number the references (numbers in square brackets) in the list in the order in

which they appear in the text. Please include all author names. Please include

article titles of all cited articles as in the following examples.


Reference to a journal publication:

[1] J. van der Geer, J.A.J. Hanraads, R.A. Lupton, The art of writing a scientific

the article, Journal of Science Communication, 163 (2010) 51–59.

Reference to a book:

[2] W. Strunk Jr., E.B. White, The Elements of Style, fourth ed., Longman, New York,


10. You should send me the pdf version of term paper electronically within the


Instruction Files

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