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Please answer each question with no less than 250 words for each question in a word document. There are 8 questions and each question must have a source so please be sure to cite the source for each answered question. However, do not copy and past exactly from the source but allow it to help you create an original answer. Answers copied directly from the source with no originality or without being put in your own words will be considered plagiarism******Please Put Answers In Your Own Words*****

***Please Put Answers In Your Own Words***

1. Explain Project Management

2. Explain Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

3. Explain Critical Path Method(CPM)

4. Explain Earned Value Management(EVM)

5. Explain Operations Consulting

6. Explain Work Sampling

7. Explain what Reegineering is, as it protains to a business.

8. Explain Project Management Techniqes 

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