Graduation Luncheon each spring



You are attending a career college that sponsors a Graduation Luncheon each spring. The luncheon is open to all students who will graduate on May 20th. Alumni of the college also attend the luncheon and give brief presentations about how their academic programs prepared them for their career choices. It is your job to find alumni who would be willing to speak at this year’s luncheon. You have been told to ask the Graduation Luncheon committee members for names of former graduates. What would be the best type of presentation to give to the committee members to get them to help you locate alumni? Prepare a detailed outline of your presentation. In addition, answer the following questions: 1.Is your presentation tell/sell, question and answer, or consult/join? Why did you choose this situation? 2.Are you using manuscript speaking, impromptu speaking, or Web conferencing? 3.Will you use any media? If so, describe how you will use it. 4.Will you use any type of team presentation?

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