How do parents contribute to their children's personality development



How do parents contribute to their children's personality development, according to Adler? What parental behaviors does he warn against?


Jean says her earliest memory is of being lost at a family picnic. Discuss this memory from the perspective of Adler's theory


Select one of Erikson's first four stages of development. What crisis occurs at that stage? What ego strength develops? How does culture support that ego strength?


Describe Cattell's 16PF. Why is it said to measure source traits, rather than surface traits?


Discuss Allport's concept of functional autonomy. Explain how this concept differs from Freud's views.


Explain the difference between healthy and neurotic use of the interpersonal orientations.


Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of psychobiography as an approach to understanding personality.


Explain the disagreement between Adler and Freud about the importance of the unconscious.


List and describe some ways that brain functioning contributes to personality.


List and describe the stages of personality development, according to Allport's theory. How do these stages illustrate Allport's interest in the unity of the self?

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