How effective is the Company's network security



Get and read the document CIT255-CaseStudy02.pdf from DocSharing.  This case study provides a year-long overview of efforts to secure a real company network.  

  • React to CompanyY's challenges, successes, and failures.
  • What internal and external factors influence network security within CompanyX?
  • To what degree does this example reflect the reality within many companies?  
  • Have you encountered similar issues in your past?  
  • How effective is the Company's network security?  
  • How do they know?  
This summary should be comprehensive and will likely be 2000-2500 words (double spaced, 1" margins) in length.

Your document should be in the dropbox using .doc or .docx format. College-level writing and formatting in MLA style is expected. Citations for non-quoted material are not needed given the single source implied by the assignment.

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