Job Analysis Paper



Job Analysis Paper

To enable a company to be high performing the organization has to understand and match job requirements to people.  In your paper please discuss and review the following:

What is a job description

What is its importance

What is the process or information needed to complete.

Also, compare and critique your actual job duties to the job description currently on file by your employer. If there is no job description, write one and then compare.  If you are unemployed, pick your former job or one you would like to do. Please include your job description as an appendix to this paper.

Your comparison could reference

Title, department and supervisor’s title

Major responsibilities with approximate percentages of time for each

Knowledge and skills required for successful job performance

You should also provide opinion on where you think the job description is incorrect and where it could be improved to get the right candidate.  You should also include the potential negative impact of hiring candidates that match this job description to your role or the role you have picked this analysis.

The paper will be scored on the following

A clear and concise explanation of what a job description is, its importance and how you would get the correct information to develop one


Clear and concise comparison of your job role to the present job description for your job.


A clear explanation of where you believe your present job description is wrong, the potential impact of this and how you would fix it


Paper length should be 4-5 pages of content plus a cover page and appendices.

 Attached is my resume for job description

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