Major Geographic Qualities major geographic quantities of Europe below is you can find the details about it

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Major Geographic Qualities

I have choose one out of the 9 major geographic quantities of Europe  below is you can find the details bout it . However,  here the question you need to work on"Think through the 'Major Geographic Qualities of Europe" as presented on in our text book. Which of these qualities strikes you as the most important or interesting? Please provide resources (250 to 300 words)

 1. The European realm lies on the western extremity of the Eurasian landmass, a locale ofmaximum efficiency for contact with the rest of the world. Europe has astounding locational advantages. Its relative location, at the heart of the landhemisphere, creates maximum efficiency for contact with the rest of the world. A “peninsulaof peninsulas,” Europe is nowhere far from the ocean and its avenues of seaborne trade andconquest. Hundreds of miles of navigable rivers, augmented by an unmatched system ofcanals, open the interior of Europe to its neighboring seas and to the waterways of the world. Europe consists almost entirely of peninsulas and islands, from Greece, Italy, France, and theIberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) to the British Isles, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.Beyond the Mediterranean lies Africa, and across the Atlantic are the Americas. Europe haslong been a place of contact between peoples and cultures, of circulation of goods and ideas.The hundred of miles of navigable waterways; the easily traversed bays, straits, and channelsbetween numerous islands and peninsulas and the mainland; and the highly accessibleMediterranean, North, and Baltic seas all provided the avenues for these exchanges. The historic advantage of moderate distances on European waters applies also on themainland as well. Europe’s Alps form a transcontinental divider, but what they separate stilllies in close juxtaposition (linkage) (Alpine passes have for centuries provided severalcorridors for contact)

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