MKT3340: Customer Relationship Management



CRM Ethics Assignment

MKT3340: Customer Relationship Management

Spring 2017

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Maximum Points: 150


In December 2013, Target, one of the nation’s largest retailers, was hacked and personal data from thousands of

customers was stolen. Research and investigate this incident of a data breach.


Your investigation and report must address the following issues:

1. What happened and why?

2. Was it preventable?

3. Which ethics were violated?

You MUST consider and incorporate multiple codes of ethics. The following TWO codes must be used

and integrated into your discussion:

AMA Code of Ethics:

Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:

4. What were the costs to Target? to its customers? to the retail industry?

Required Format

 Written report with cover page.

 4-5 pages, single-spaced with 1” margins (exclusive of cover page and bibliography).

 Must include a list of materials referenced and properly cite the work using either APA or MLA


Use section heads to organize your report. NO misspellings or grammatical errors.

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