Network Management Assignment

computer science


IT 340 – Network Management

Assignment No. 3

Total Marks: 5

Question No. 1

Provide at least three macro-level and three micro-level parameters to define network performance metrics.

Question No. 2

Describe how the Packet-Filtering Router filter data.

Question No. 3

The causality graph is presented in the following figure.

Draw the labeled causality graph (specifying the problems and the symptoms). Write the codebookWrite the correlation matrix (reduced codebook)Draw the correlation graph

Question No. 4 

The following figure describes the virtual circuit configuration. We consider only the connection between Station A and Station Z.

Complete the VC – routing tables of B and D

Question No. 5 

Describe the Bidirectional Forwarding Detection procedure

Question No. 6

Explain how does MPLS combine the richness of IP and the performance of ATM

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