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You are the network administrator of Lenix Ventures, a small but growing company that sells high-performance race car parts.  At this time, the company has 31 nodes on a single flat LAN, and growth is expected to be modest at this time.  The company has a Cisco 2911 router and two Cisco Catalyst 2950-24 switches.  The company has a Cisco 2911 router and two Cisco Catalyst 2950-24 switches.  The router has a direct connection to the Internet through a cable provider’s Business Class services for small business.

Your manager has tasked you with a suite of requirements.

Requirement 1.

The company has an aggressive business plan with growth expected.  Your manager has provided you with documents that disclose a glimpse into the future.  You are required to respond with a plan to grow the capacity of the network so that there is no interruption or degradation in service.  Your plan must include the identification of your recommended Internet Service Provider to provide connectivity to the Internet.  Your presentation must describe your rationale for the decisions that you have made.

Requirement 2.

Your manager has tasked you with the creation of a report of the history of one month of network services.  The report will be based on metrics that have been accumulated through measurements, including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) reporting, a history of network outages and service interruptions during the reporting period, and significant requests or requirements that were generated during the reporting period.  The report will cover a spectrum of areas that include an executive summary, usage data, action items, and recommendations.

You must create a presentation in .ppt format of no more than 8 - 12 pages (not including the title page) that describes the history of one month of network services (Requirement 2) and your plan to grow the capacity of the network (Requirement 1); no format other than .ppt or .pptx is acceptable.

Requirement 3.

Your manager has asked that you describe what a Network Management System is to prospective investors who do not have a technical background.  Your description must define what a dashboard is, describe the value of a dashboard, and it must expand upon the integration of information from a Network Management System with a Management Information System.

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