Online Banking System (Website Application) Project



Part III  Continue developing deliverables of a website for a bank that allows customers to manage their finances in Part I and Part II (attached). Go through the major steps of the software development life cycle. Each deliverable should take a minimum of one page. Include citations throughout, as necessary and a reference page.

Part III deliverables are as follows:

1. Risk Assessment

Create a risk assessment that lists risks along with severity and probability.
Define the process life cycle that should be implemented (for example, Agile). Identify who and how many people should be tasked for each phase.
Create a testing plan that highlights what elements will be tested and how they will be tested. Identify critical components that need the most focus. Include at least four use cases that illustrate steps taken to perform a basic test.

Notes: Table of all the possible things that could go wrong, be it internal or external to the program. Like stakeholders, you will want to rank them and provide a definition for how you prioritize them.

2. Schedule/Process Overview

Notes: Provide a Gantt chart with possible time values and personnel that mirror the different components and modules you outline in the system overview/design.

3. Testing Plan

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