Public Relations (PR) and Public Advocacy and Fundraising Plans Guidelines and Rubric.



Public Relations (PR) and Public Advocacy and Fundraising Plans Guidelines and Rubric


You will submit a plan for your organization’s public relations and public advocacy programs, and a fundraising plan, including your approach to

create new organization-corporate partnerships.

Public Relations (PR) and Public Advocacy Plan

1. Describe the organization’s current PR and public advocacy programs. Based on your organization review, evaluate the current status of its

PR image with major stakeholders. Does it currently have a public advocacy program underway? If so, describe what it is and its


2. Develop at least five PR and/or public advocacy objectives for the organization and your rationale for the objectives.

3. Discuss briefly the individual strategies (press releases, events, public speaking, etc.) you will use to achieve the objectives listed above.

Indicate which objective each strategy is meant to accomplish. Will you rely on internal or external resources for your PR activities?

4. Create an estimated PR/public advocacy budget and calendar that present your estimate of costs and implementation schedule.

Fundraising Plan

What is the basic purpose of your fundraising program—to meet operating costs, fund special projects or new services, or to acquire new capital

assets? If there is more than one purpose, describe each. Describe your objectives and strategies for fundraising. How much money does your

organization need to raise? Identify the sources of funds will you approach—individual donors, businesses, private or government grants,

foundations, special events? Describe the amount you want to raise from each source and the marketing steps you plan to use for each one.

Create a fundraising budget and implementation calendar that include each funding source identified above.

Provide a target audience profile and size estimate for each funding source. Describe the internal structure and resources available for fundraising.

Will one person be responsible for managing the campaign, or will a task force or committee be created? How will goals and schedules be

established? Who will manage implementation of the campaign, keep track of progress towards goals, and provide accounting and other reports?

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