Students will receive a Press Release 24 hours before the in-class Press Conference.



Press Conference guest: David Seymour, ACT Party Leader and Epsom MP

Assignment details:

       Students will receive a Press Release 24 hours before the in-class Press Conference.

       The Press Conference will start at 1 pm sharp. Make sure you are logged in to Zoom by 12.50 at the latest.

       The first 40 minutes will be the Press Conference followed by question time.

       You'll have 24 hours to write your 10-12 paragraph news story in a Word document, which you'll then upload to Canvas directly (not through Turnitin).  The deadline is 13.59 Tuesday May 12, so start uploading your Word document by 1 pm Tuesday at the latest.

       You can use the net for backup resources/statistics etc. if relevant.

The Press Conference:  (approx. 40 minutes)

The press release will provide details on the ‘timely issue’ to be discussed at the press conference.

The presentation will last about 20 minutes and will provide more in-depth information about the ‘timely issue’.

Student question time: 10-15 mins – conducted as per media practice.

You can ask your questions based on the content of the press release and the Press Conference - submit these on the Q and A function in Zoom, and you'll then be called upon to put your question to David Seymour.

Those who don’t ask questions should still listen carefully to assess whether newsworthy points are made and select information to add to your news article -  take notes.

Your questions are based on the ‘timely issue’ outlined in the Press Release. However, as is journalistic practice, you can ask relevant questions outside the immediate issue discussed. There is a chance too that the speaker will drop a 'bombshell' that could eclipse the timely issue that is discussed. For example, if there was a resignation pending, or an action about to take place, this could take the lead.


We don't know what the 'timely issue' will be, but in preparation, a journalist would do the following: a) familiarize themselves with what the portfolios are, and have been b) check what the former and present Government policies might be and any history of any relevant issues c) possibly gather in statistics (and their sources) if you are to shape questions on an issue.

A journalist would also revisit recent 'hot button' issues - for example. Although you can revisit older issues, make sure you do not ask a question that has been answered in the past. It is possible though you may discover an issue in the public interest that has never been satisfactorily been answered.


Writing the news article:

You are then required to write a news report (including a headline) following the inverted pyramid structure outlined in the lecture and reading for Week 7. We expect 200-250 words.


Assessment criteria

       Article written using the ‘inverted pyramid’ structure

       Headline short, catchy and accurate

       First sentence catchy, conveys story angle and can stand-alone

       Angle clearly articulated

       Article includes at least some if not all of the 5 x W’s and the H

       Draws on information from Press Release and Press Conference and your research

       Uses direct quotes

       Uses clear concise sentence structure throughout

       Factual information accurate

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