The dimensional hierarchies used are “city

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Suppose we define a data cube with three dimensions: place, age, and salary. 


The dimensional hierarchies used are “city < state < region” for place, “age_value < age_category [20-30, 30-40, 40-50}” for age and “salary_value < salary_class [50-60K, 60-65K, 65-70K]” for salary. 


The measure monitored in the Fact Table is the Number of Subscribers. 


What is the total number of cuboids possible from this data cube?                            


We have the following three materialized cuboids:  Cuboid 1: {state} where age_category = 20-30 AND salary_class = 60-65K  Cuboid 2: {city, age_value} where salary_class = 60-65K  Cuboid 3: {region, salary_class} where age_category = 30-40 


Which of the above three cuboids can be selected (i.e. feasible) and, if there are more than one, which is the best among those to process each of the following queries? and why? NOTE: For some queries, the base cuboid may have to be selected. 


(a) The query to be processed is {city, age_category} with the selection constant “salary_class = 60-65K”.                                                                              


(b) The query to be processed is {salary_class} with the selection constant “age_value = 31”.                                                                                                                


(c) The query to be processed is {age_value} where salary_class = 60-65K with the selection constant “city = Lafayette”.

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