The Visual Language of Design to describe the pictures and its design

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To describe the pictures and its design (how it express the emotional factors to people)

The Visual Language of Design

Select three Interior spaces that each conveys a different message,

mood or feeling.

For example:

A space that feels intimate

A space that feels elegant

A space that feels airy

Describe how these moods have been created in each space using the

elements and principles of design as they have been discussed so far.

It is important to examine each space you choose, to observe and

understand how a specific mood and feeling has been achieved.

Identify which elements and principles of design you feel have

specifically contributed to that one main feel/mood/style; and then

relate them back to that one main feel/mood/style.

For example, for a bedroom that you feel is intimate, you might find

that it has a fireplace as a focal point (emphasis); taupe walls that

advance and cocoon the room (color); low wooden ceiling beams that

make the room feel safe and secure (the horizontal line); side lamps

that offer a warm ambience (light)… Etc.

If you find pictures of beautiful, harmonious spaces, you will find that

most of the elements will be working together.

If you feel the space has a certain feel/mood/style but is lacking

harmony and could be improved upon, you might like to mention why,

and how you would change and improve it.

There is no word count as the assignments are fairly open-ended to

encourage creativity, however please ensure you cover the elements

and principles of design.

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