this essay is for an MN History class. Please keep in mind.



this essay is for an MN History class. Please keep in mind. which question are you choosing to work on? Respond with an interpretive essay of approximately 750-1200 words. You are expected to formulate a historical argument responding to one of the topics and defend that argument with historical evidence drawn from course materials (augmented, if you so desire, by external resources, but you must exercise care to use high quality sources if you choose to use external materials--the top Google hit does not necessarily qualify).All sources that you CONSULT in the course of the writing process (NOT just those that you quote directly!!!) must be cited using proper MLA or Chicago Manual of Style format. Papers that lack in-text citations will receive failing grades you should not rely on any encyclopedia (like, say, Wikipedia) or similar resource (SparkNotes, etc.) for anything more than the most basic factual information. Assigned course readings will generally be more reliable resources for matters of interpretation. If you're basing your whole essay on a Wikipedia entry, the implication is that you have not sought to master the assigned materials. How to submit your completed essay: Type your essay in whatever word-processing program you prefer. Make sure you include your name at the top of the first page. Save the completed essay in either.DOC or .RTF ["rich text" format--one or both of these should be an option in your word-processing program's "Save as" dialogue box]. Go to the course homepage and upload the file into the appropriate folder using the Dropbox tool. If you are unable to do so for any reason, email me ASAP to let me know--preferably sending your file as an attachment with that email. The actual questions (choose one) Discuss the efforts of the United States to exert its authority over the area that would eventually be known as Minnesota during the period prior to 1848. What interests did the young nation have in the region, and what means did the U.S. employ in seeking to establish control? Evaluate the successes and failures of these efforts. Describe the evolution of Minnesota’s Euro-American and Native economies from 1808 to 1858. What were the key areas of economic activity during this period? In what ways did they change, and with what consequences? Explain how national-level political concerns influenced the course of Minnesota’s path to statehood. Annette Atkins argues in Creating Minnesota that the experiences of Scott Campbell and his métis family constitute a useful lens for exploring the evolution of social relations between white and Native cultures in pre-statehood Minnesota. Explain Atkins’s argument and evaluate its merits. What insights does her approach provide? Does it leave out or obscure important issues? Analyze patterns of gender relations in the Minnesota area through the mid-19th century, comparing Native and European/Euro-American societies, tracing their interactions, and exploring changing patterns over time. Support your general arguments with references to specific cases.

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