This is a group/individual assignment. Do it in a group of 2 or individually.

computer science



 - This is a group/individual assignment. Do it in a group of 2 or individually. 

- There is a bonus part in the project too which gives you additional 3% in you do it completely 

- Please use meaningful name for your variables and functions 

- Try to reuse your solutions as much as possible. 

- A group more than 2 people is not accepted!

Project Starter 

- I have prepared a project starter for you and many of the classes you need have been already defined for you. 

- Please download the project starter from the portal and read the code to make yourself familiar with the code. 

- Then read the project description and then read the code in the project starter again.

Project Description 

In this project you are going to design an object-oriented model for an educational portal using Python. Through this portal the students can register as a new user (student) and also login to the portal through a registration and login view respectively and perform some actions that are available to them.

Define and write a Python class for each of the following entities (Feel free to add more classes if needed):

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