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The video store has expanded and now also sells used books and toys in addition to DVDs. Modify your Java program from assignment 1 (or the solution available on TRACS) to handle these different types of products in the inventory.

The inventory for the store will contain the following information for each product in the

inventory: SKU

price quantity
(may contain spaces in it)
(dollars and cents, greater than 0)
(number of copies in inventory, greater than or equal to 0)
For movies (dvds) a upc (universal product code) is stored
For books, an isbn (international standard book number) and author name are stored. For toys, the weight (in total ounces!!) is stored

  • Remove a product from the inventory (by SKU).
  • Display the information for a product (given the SKU).
  • Display the inventory in a table, sorted by SKU.
  • Display the inventory in a table, sorted by title.
  • Process a sale.
  • Quit
The program should perform the operation selected by number and then re-display the menu. If the operation fails (i.e. invalid input or attempt to remove a product not in the inventory) your program should display an error message and return to the menu.
quantity of items sold to the customer
shipping cost (the amount paid by the store to ship these item(s))
 $4.49 + ($0.50*2) = $5.49. (1 pound is 16 ounces, so 18 ounces rounds up to 2).

(stock-keeping unit, an integer, must be unique)

In addition to these attributes, the following are stored for each product type:

The program should offer the user a menu with the following options (changes from assignment 1 are in bold):

1. Add a product to the inventory (user should enter a letter (M or B or T) to indicate the product category and then input corresponding values). Please prompt for the values as the same order as the sample output online.

For #3, display all the attributes for the product (this will differ for each category).

For #4, display only the product category (Movie, Book, or Toy), sku, price, quantity, and title for each product (attributes they have in common).

The details of #5 Process a sale are given below.

Your program should store the inventory in a file between executions of the program, so that when the program is run again it will start up with the same inventory contents as when it last terminated.

5. Process a sale

The products are offered for sale on Amazon, which charges a commission on each sold item, and refunds a shipping credit to the store for each sold item (the store must ship the items offline and pay their own shipping costs).

To process the sale of a certain product, the user must input the following:

sku of the product sold

Your program should update the quantity attribute for that product in the inventory, if there are enough items of that product in the inventory. If not, it should issue an error message and abort the operation. Do NOT remove the product from the inventory.

The shipping credit and commission that Amazon charges for each type of item of are shown below. Note that for toys, the shipping credit depends on the weight (in pounds, rounded up) of the item. So for a toy weighing 18 ounces, the shipping credit is 

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