What impact does a price increase have on promotion breakeven



What is your assessment of the situation and what are your indicated actions?Do you want to reposition Crunch in 2010? If so, what is your primary target audience and what is your consumer message?Do you have a creative idea that would bring your positioning strategy to life?  What is your tagline?What marketing mix do you recommend for 2010 and why? What sales and profit will it deliver?What other marketing activities would you consider that were not identified in the case and why? Refer to the Marketing Flowchart MakerShould online media be part of your media mix?What is your recommended marketing flowchart? When and where do you spend your marketing resources and why?How did you increase profit by 20 percentage points with only a $2.5 million marketing budget increase?What are the trade’s concerns regarding a Crunch price increase? How could Crunch respond to trade objections?What impact does a price increase have on promotion breakeven? 

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