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History of Cartesian Equations

French philosopher and Mathematician Rene Descartes have originated the word Cartesian, and it was published in 1637. Pierre de Fermat has autonomously found it, who used to work in 3 scopes, though Fermat has not found its discovery. Fermic cleric Nicole Oresme has used structures parallel to Cartesian cooperates, which was very good before the time of Fermat as well as Descartes.

There is a growth of the Cartesian system, which plays an essential position in the progress of calculus provided by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz & also Isaac Newton. There is a two-coordinate explanation of the plane, which has been then evaluated in the theory of vector spaces.    

Cartesian Equation

There is a curve in the Cartesian equation, which is generally evaluating a particular equation of a curve in the standard, and there are xs and ys are only two variables. You need to explain the parametric equations to find the equation instantaneously: If there is y = 4t, then both of the sides by 4 to find (1/4) y = t. An equation of a curve or surface in which the variables are the Cartesian organizes of a point on the curve or surface. 

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Example of Cartesian Equation

The curve is related to parametric equations

x = 2 + t2 y = 4t

Let us evaluate the Cartesian equation of the curve.

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To evaluate the equation, the parametric equations should be solved instantaneously

If y = 4t, then separate both sides with 4 to find (1/4) y = t.

The new value of t is changed with the equation for x 

x = 2 + (1/4(y)) 2 – expand the bracket (square both 1/4 and y) to derive x = 2 + 1/16 y2. 

Theoretically, the last equation is in Cartesian form because it contains variables x & y, though in additionally reorganize equation to choose standard ‘y =’ form:

x = 2 + 1/16 y2 (minus 2 from both sides)

x – 2 = 1/16 y2 (multiply each side by 16)

16x – 32 = y2 (& finally take square roots of both sides)

y = SQRT (16x-32)


There are many dimensions in the Cartesian Equation, which are as under:

One Dimension

Selecting a Cartesian coordinate system for a one-dimensional space which is for a straight line, and it includes selecting a point O of the line from the origin, a unit of length, and also an orientation for the line. An orientation selects that which of the two lines are decided by O is positive as well as which is negative. A line that is chosen Cartesian system is known as the number line. There are some real numbers, and all real numbers are having a particular location on the line. Every point in the line can be understood as a number in a well-organized range like the real numbers. 

Two Dimension

A Cartesian coordinate system in two dimensions is stated by an organized pair of the perpendicular axis. A single unit of length for both pairs, & also an alignment for each axis. The point where the axes meet is known as the origin for both so turning each axis into a number line.

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Three Dimension

The cartesian coordinate system for a three-dimensional space comprises of an organized triplet of axes. Which go with a common point, & also pair-wise perpendicular; an orientation for each ax; & a single unit of length for all three axes. The Cartesian relates of P are those three numbers, in the chosen order. The opposite construction regulates the point P is three coordinates.

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Application of the Cartesian Equation 

Cartesian coordinates are a concept that has an assembly of usual features in the real world. Although, there are three constructive phases which are involved in covering coordinates on a problem application:

  1. An origin should be allocated to a particular spatial location or landmark.
  2. Units of distance should be decided to explain the spatial size signified by the numbers used as coordinates.
  3. The orientation of the pairs should be explained using available directional cues for all but one pair.

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