Essay Vs Research Paper

Essay Vs Research Paper: Battle for the Best Writing

In this blog, we are going to share with you the comparison between Essay Vs Research Paper.

Essay vs Research Paper

What is an Essay?

An essay is normally a small section and defined as the opinion paper, or we can say that the essay is normally defined as the writer’s point of view. And it comes from the word ‘exagium’, which is a Latin word and meaning of the word is ‘presentation of a case’. 

Basic Structure of an Essay 

Normally, essay structure should always be the same only topics will change. And the meaning of the essay structure is how the essay sees on the page. Nowadays, most of the students don’t know about the structure of the essay. Once the student knows how to structure an essay, then it makes it so easy to write an essay in a good way and in less time.

An essay is normally divided into three categories that are: Introduction, body, and the conclusion.

Introduction of the essay

In an essay, the first step to write is the introduction of an essay. In this introduction part of the essay, the writer tells about his essay topic in short to the readers. And the introduction part should not more than the 4-6 lines. The introduction part is always short because, in the introduction part, we have to tell only a brief description of the essay topic. 

Body Paragraph of an essay

The second step of the essay is the body paragraph of the essay. In the body paragraph, the writer tells all about the topic in detail. In an essay, it depends on the topic how many paragraphs will present in an essay. 

And divide the body into the structural way like subheadings and the paragraphs. By making the subheadings and paragraphs, the reader can understand the essay easily. 

If you want that the reader can easily understand the essay, then you have to follow some steps that are: Choose the topic for the paragraph, Evidence, Explanation

Conclusion of the essay

The third and the last step of an essay is the conclusion of the essay. In this step, the writer tells the main points about the essay. And the conclusion must be short in length and tells the overview of the essay.

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Types of Essay

Usually, there are so many types of essay, but four are major types that are:  

Narrative essay

In the narrative essay, the writer tells the story, which is the real story-based. And in the narrative essay, the writer tries to connect the reader with the story by making the story easily understandable. In short, we can say that the writer tells the story in the way in which readers easily understand what the writer wants to say. 

Descriptive essay

As its name shows that it is used to describes something. With the help of the descriptive essay, you can explain something. If the descriptive essay is written properly, then the reader can also feel the same emotions as the writer while writing this essay.

Expository essay

The informational part of the essay is the expository essay and shows an equitable analysis of a topic. In this writer, use the statistics, facts, and examples to describe an expository essay. So it means that the expository essay is fact based, and the writer can’t use their emotions in this type of essay.

Persuasive essay

Likewise, the expository essay, the persuasive essay, is also based on the facts. But in this, the writer’s goal is to convince the reader that they accept the writer’s point of view or suggestion. Or we can say that in the persuasive essay, the audience/readers are targeted by the writer. And the writer convinces them to do something or not do something with the help of their persuasive essay.

What is a Research Paper?

The research paper is part of the writing, which has more difficulty and a deep level of analysis. And usually, we can say that the research paper is an extended essay that represents the author/writer’s analysis and their arguments.   

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Basic Structure of the Research Paper

Likewise, the essay, in the research paper, there are also many paragraphs. The structure of the research paper is different from the essay. And one thing which you should keep in mind that the paragraphs you have written in your research paper are in easy language. So the reader can easily understand. 

There are some steps of the research paper structure that are:

  1. Title of the page- Firstly select the title of the page by which the readers can easily understand the purpose of the research paper.
  2. Summary- In summary, there are some important points that are related to the research paper.
  3. Introduction of the page- By reading the introduction part of the page, readers are able to know whether they want to continue reading the page or not. 
  4. Body of the page- In the body of the page, there comes the complete detail of the page. That is divided into different sections, for eg., material, discussion, etc.
  5. Conclusion- In last the conclusion in which the writer tells about the essential points of the topic.

Types of Research paper

Usually, there are so many types of research paper, some of them are:  

Argumentative research papers

In the argumentative research paper, the writer gives the introduction of the topic. With the help of this introduction part, the audience/readers can quickly know what is in the paper. In this, the writer informs the readers about the topic, and it is like the thesis statements. 

Analytical research paper

The analytical research paper is a part of the work, which gives an informal analysis of the topic. And in the analytical research paper, the writer explores the topic, generally in the form of a question.

Definition research paper

The definition research paper is one of the common types of paper. It expects you to give just exposed target contentions and realities without utilizing closely-held conviction. It is the most educational sort of content. Despite the fact that definition papers incorporate realities from various sources, such kinds of scholastic papers just mirror the discoveries of different examines. 

Compare and contrast

As its name tells that it compares something, in this one is required to examine the differences between two different authors, two subjects, etc. 

Cause and effect

These compositions are normally used to track the assumed result from some action, logically, that must be clear to the reader. And also, this method is used for the education and business fields.

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The reports are usually used for business purposes like by creating the outline of the case study.

Interpretive paper

An interpretive paper is used for social science and literature. In the interpretive paper, students uses the knowledge which is gained from a particular case study.

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From the above discussion, you can get knowledge of both essay and research paper. At last, we can say that there is not so much difference between essay vs research paper. They are mostly the same, the only difference is in the structure of both essay and the research paper. Now you may get fully confident to compare essay vs research paper.

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