How to email a teacher about an assignment

How to email a teacher about an assignment

In our student life, we need to write an email to the teachers regarding our assignments, projects, and other reasons. Hence, if you are looking at how to email a teacher about an assignment, we will provide you proper guidance on it, and you have to follow it step by step to email your teacher. Apart from this, we will serve you email samples so that you can get an idea from them.

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Steps to email your teacher-

For a professional email, you have to follow these steps-

Make your mind-

Your first step is to be sure that you need to email your teacher about an assignment. If you face any problem while writing your assignment and can not seek a solution to other sources, you can email your teacher in respect of that question.

But initially, you should try to get the answer from your friends and other online sources because your teacher does not have much time to answer your question.

Your teachers have many responsibilities to handle, but if you are unable to get the answer and email is the last option, you don’t need to think a lot; email your teacher and ask his or her favor.

Use a professional email id-

It will be looking unprofessional if you use a non-educational or unprofessional email address. Use an email address that is appropriate for academic purposes. For example, you are using the email address have It is an unprofessional id for educational purposes. It should be like, and it should include your first name and last name and then the domain of your id.

Include a clear subject line-

Your subject line tells the reader what your question is? and what you are going to ask your teacher. If you don’t know how to email a teacher about an assignment with an unambiguous subject, you can check the format online and ask your friends and peers. It should involve the course name and your query regarding the course. For instance-

  • Query regarding (chemistry) assignment
  • (Biology)- want to do a meeting

Use impressive email greeting-

Do not forget you are writing an email to your teacher so you must use greeting words for the teacher. Write the proper name of your teacher, and a comma should follow it. Do not use informal words like ‘hey, ‘what’s up’. Always use Dear Professor (last name). One more thing you have to remember: don’t call your teacher with his or her first name unless they allow you to do so. Write your email in a polite form.

If your teacher is Ph.D. then use Dr. before his or her name like-

Dear/Dr./Professor/Mr./Mrs./Ms. (last name).
Dear Dr. Johnson
Dear Mrs. Karlo

Do not forget to mention your name-

A teacher has to handle many students in his job tenure, and it is not always possible to remind individuals’ names. To save the recipient time and respond fastly, it is advisable to mention your name and course. You can write as-.

My name is Marry Carlo, from Chemistry 1D, Section 2.

Be straightforward in the body text-

Now it’s time to put your query and request in the body text after greeting the teacher and writing your name. Make a simple and clear statement so the reader can understand it without any hitch. When he or she is able to understand your point of what you are trying to convey, the teacher can give you a clear response.

Avoid extra sentences in your body and focus on your question because your teacher does not have unlimited time to read the irrelevant sentences in your body. Write your body text concisely.

For instance- I am facing problems regarding the Chemistry assignment, and I am confused about the chemical reaction. I want to meet you if you have time.

Come to an end-

Now politely end your email and leave a professional signature at the bottom of the text. For example, you can write-

Thank you for your valuable time, and have a nice day.
Marry Carlo

Do proofreading-

Now revise your text and make sure you have written the email in a formal context because now you know how to email a teacher about an assignment. Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and correct them. To quickly do so, get help from a grammar checker. Utilizing the tool will completely eliminate the need for you to manually find and fix grammar mistakes in the email. Remove extra words from your text. Apart from this, avoid emojis and other informal words. Do not make your text complex and unclear.

Ask your teacher’s email address

Now your email is ready, but before sending it, you need your teacher’s email address. You can ask your teacher for the email address, and you can get it from other students, teachers, and even from the parents.

Click send button-

Now, after editing and getting the teacher’s email address, click the send button and check if it is sent or not; if yes, be patient for the reply; otherwise, click the retry button.

If you have to email your teacher for a letter of recommendation-

You can use this sample when you are looking for a recommendation from your teacher for the future. And give time to your teacher so that he can think about it and can give you a good recommendation.

From– sender’s email address

Date-Current date

To– Recipient’s email address

CC– When you have to send the email to more than one person, write their email address here otherwise leave this area blank.

Subject– Letter of Recommendation for………..

Dear Sir(last name),

My name is Marry Carlo. I was a student of (course name) in ABC school or college. Now I am thinking of joining an internship summer program for graduates at(place name). I appreciate your efforts in my growing time as a student. I need a recommendation letter for it, so i will be very thankful to you for writing it for me. I have attached the required documents file for reference.

I am waiting for your response.

Yours faithfully
Marry Carlo

So the above sample of how to email a teacher about an assignment is sufficient. You can mold your answer according to your subject and situation.

When you have to fix the meeting with the teacher-

If there is a need to fix the meeting with the teacher regarding your assignment.

Subject- Meeting about(problem)

Dear Sir (last name)

My name is Rosemary, and I am studying in(course name) in the ABC college.I started to write my assignment for (topic name) and I have a query to check my command on the topic. I am confused between two terms(name those terms). I want to clear my doubt by discussing face to face, so if you have time, could I meet you in your office.

I am waiting for your valuable response.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely
Rose Marry

Some Do’s and Don’t of an email writing to teacher –

If you want to know how to email a teacher about an assignment in an effective way then you have to take care of some points.


  • Email your teacher when necessary.
  • Make a clear subject line.
  • Write your email politely.
  • Make it concise.
  • Use salutations
  • Use formal words or sentences
  • Do editing before submitting.


  • Do not over-explain your problem or query.
  • Do not send emotional emails to your teacher.
  • It is not recommended to communicate everything through email.
  • Do not use complex or obscure sentences in your body text. keep it simple.
  • Do not use casual words like Hey and what’s up.
  • Don’t panic to get the response of your teacher. Give him or her time.


Email is a fast and cheap mode of communication. It involves composing, sending and storing, and receiving messages. We use email for different purposes, and in student life, we have to send emails to our teachers and other students. Especially when you get assignments from your teachers, you should know how to email a teacher about an assignment because it can affect your academic grades. So follow the ways we discussed earlier to mail your teacher.

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