How to Stay Awake in Class

Top 12 Tips on How to Stay Awake in Class to Follow in 2023

Are you struggling to awake in class? If yes, then here are the best tips to follow on how to stay awake in class in 2023

It is quite hard for the students to stay awake in the boring classes. The students always try their best to stay awake in the boring class.

But most of the time, they get asleep during the class and then get punished by the teachers. Therefore, it is quite essential for the students to know some of the best tips on how to stay awake in class.

Are you facing the same issue but still unable to get the most practical tips that can help you to awaken in your boring class? If yes, then you are not alone.

There are millions of students who are facing the same problem. But don’t worry, this blog will help you to explore the best tips on how to stay awake in class.

How to Stay Awake in Class

Eat Something Light Before Class

Most of the time, we feel sleepy in class because of an empty stomach. When you don’t eat anything before class, your stomach starts growling. And we start feeling low on energy.

That is why the students feel sleepy in their class. Apart from that, it not only makes them unforgettable but also makes it difficult to stay focused in the classroom.

Therefore, to avoid this, you need to eat something before your class. But wait, don’t try to eat a large meal because you will feel sleepy and want to take a nap.

The best thing you can do is to eat light snacks such as nuts, fruits, salads, energy bars, and a few more. With this, you will have satiation that will give you enough energy and you won’t be hungry.

Try using acupressure

This is probably the most underrated technique for how to stay awake in class. The reason for this is that most students are unaware of this technique.But in reality, acupressure works quite well to make the students active throughout the class.

It is quite important to know a certain spot on the body which the students can press to add pressure to. With this, their bodies can remain alert and awake throughout the study session.

The most effective acupressure technique is to press the area between the pointer finger and the thumb. Apart from that, there are lots of areas that are best for acupressure techniques. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • between the thumb and forefinger
  • On top of the head
  • top of the neck and back on both sides.
  • beneath the kneecaps
  • The lower back and middle of the spinal cord
  • The soles of the feet

Drink Caffeine

In a study, it was proven that caffeine is the best source of instant energy. From desk job employees to fitness enthusiasts, all drink caffeine to get instant energy throughout their work. Therefore, if you want to stay awake in class, then caffeine is always the best option for you to get a quick energy boost.

Remember that you need to have a decent quantity of caffeine to stay active. An excessive amount of caffeine can damage your focus and cause health issues. You can consume caffeine in the form of coffee or dark chocolate bars.

You should also remember that caffeine comes in different varieties. Therefore, you need to pick those which suit your body type and can give you enough energy rather than have a negative impact on your body.

Take naps between classes.

Naps are the best energy booster for everyone. It is one of the greatest ways to stay awake in class. If you take a 5 to 10 minute nap while doing your work, it can give you instant refreshment as if you are starting to do the work. Most of the time, you are not allowed to take naps between your classes.

But you should have a try at this technique in your free period, in the time you get between one class and another. Apart from that, you can also try it in between your lunch breaks. A good quality nap can boost your energy and help you learn how to stay awake in class.

Move Around

According to one study, we should move from one location to another every one hour.It means that if we work or study for 1 hour sitting at a desk, we should get up and move around after an hour. It helps with mental refreshment and is also beneficial for our health.

Yes, you may be thinking that if you do so, then you will be a major distraction to most of the students in the class. But if you don’t do so, then you will fall asleep in the classroom.

For most of the students, it can be quite challenging to move around because of their strict teachers. But for this, you need to play smart.

You can ask for a drink break or a toilet break to move around the school corridor. If you didn’t get the break, then you should try stretching exercises.

Get Enough Rest

The majority of students don’t take sleep seriously. A recent study shows that most students sleep only 5 to 6 hours a day. It is suggested that you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours for optimal rest. As a result, they feel sleepy throughout their day, especially in the classroom.

Apart from that, students who don’t get enough sleep also face some health issues. And if you stay awake all night, then it is nearly impossible for you to stay alert and awake throughout the day.

It is advisable for you to get proper sleep during the night. We know that it is quite hard for the students to get enough sleep because they need to do lots of tasks within their limited time.

To get enough time to sleep, the students need to work on their time management skills. Apart from that, they need to avoid procrastination. For this, you can divide your tasks into small parts so that you can do them in your limited time. In this way, you can manage your time and have enough time to sleep.

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Sit Up Straight

Believe it or not, sitting up straight will help you a lot with how to stay awake in class. The majority of the students will not believe this fact because they are not aware of the science behind this method. Body posture has a strong influence on one’s mood.

It means that if we sit up straight, then we are in alert mode. It means that our mood is in the phase of working hard. A recent study has proven that posture is directly linked to how we feel.

Likewise, if we sit with a slouching posture, it will make us feel dull, sluggish, and sleepy. Apart from that, the study also proved that adopting good posture has a positive effect on your confidence and productivity.

Try chewing gum or mints

It is highly prohibited for the students to avoid popping chewing gum or mints into their mouths. But a study showed that chewing gum is one of the best ways to be alert while doing some work. You can also try mint for refreshment that is capable of simulating the senses.

It also lessens tiredness, enhances alertness, boosts energy and many more. It is quite effective to decrease stress in the boring classroom. It is suggested that you should not try to chew gum in the classroom.

For this, you can have a packet of chewing gum and have a mint in your pocket. And you can chew them in your free time. This is highly recommended for how to stay awake in class.

Take Out Some Essential Oils

Most students do not prefer this method of staying awake in class. But essential oils are quite useful for the human body. Some perfume substitutes and aromatherapy agents can help you stay awake. But essential oils are like magic and can surely help you to stay awake in class.

These types of oil can boost your energy and enhance your alertness. You can use some of the leading essential oils, such as citrus essential oil, that can stimulate your senses.

Remember that you should use it as per your skin type. Some essential oils can have a negative impact on your skin type, so choose wisely and massage your feet and hands with the oil to get better results.

Sit at the Front Desk

It is highly advisable to sit at the front desk. Because if you sit at the front desk, then you have to stay awake during the class.

You can also push yourself to be active in the class by participating in the class discussions. If you sit in the front, then you need to pay attention anyhow because the teacher can easily observe you.

Aside from that, you have fewer options than any other student sitting behind you. If you participate in the discussion, then you will feel the higher engagement level with the students and teacher.

Therefore, your mind will enjoy the moment and you will be less likely to fall asleep in the classroom.

Take a Short Break

If you want to stay awake in class, then you should take short breaks. Most students consider breaks to be a total time waste for them.

But it is not the right thing. If you follow all the methods mentioned above, then you will not get the best results unless you take short breaks.

You should try to take breaks in the form of drink breaks or toilet breaks, as I have mentioned earlier. During these breaks, you can do some physical activities.

It will help you to improve your blood circulation and physical activities will send a signal to the brain that you are not going to sleep soon. Then your brain automatically increases your energy level to give more to your efforts.

Wrap Up

These are tried-and-true methods for staying awake in class. You do need to be worried about how to stay awake in class. Follow these best methods now and you will feel the actual difference between your present and future performance.

If you think that you have other methods that can help with how to stay awake, then please comment down below.

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