How to Write a Personal Essay?

How to Write a Personal Essay?

What is Personal Essay?

Before going to start writing personal essay you should have a knowledge about what is personal essay?

You can get the clarification of the task from a personal essay definition. It is a written document which describe your personal story to the people. A personal essay is a great way to describe yourself to the people and influence them. It may be example of your life.

Students think that personal essay are puzzled task for them.However, everything is not that simple and if you expect high grade you have to write a descriptive essay from personal point of view.

It can be both inspiring and depressive. So take full care while writing about yourself. Personal Essay is a great tool to influence others.  Here we provide you complete guidance on how to write a personal essay.

Steps to Step process for how to Write a Personal Essay by following these steps:-

1: Understand the format of an essay.

2: Understand yourself.

3: Share your opinion.

4: Use your own voice.

5: Proofread.

We have a guide to you for the right direction on “How to Write a Personal Essay?”. These are some following steps which a candidate should follow:-

Understand the format of an essay

Before writing a personal essay first of all you have to understand the format of an essay. It’s format include three parts:- Introduction, Body of information and a conclusion.

  • Introduction:- In this point you give introduction about yourself to the audience and this part should be interesting and eye catching which make audience interested to listen to you. You must have a topic or the main idea you want to discuss.
  • Body of information:- Body of information include the deeply explanation of the topic.It include total 3 paragraphs in it.New paragraph will start with the new idea related to the topic.
  • Conclusion:- Close your essay with a final paragraph that states your final opinion that is how you learned a lesson or share how you were, or will be, you changed because of your approach to the topic.

Understand yourself

  • You must be clear about the topic before starting to write a Personal Essay and experience about yourself which you want to share with the audience.
  • The clarity on the topic on which you write a personal essay should be clear.
  • You must be know about your own weakness and strengths in order to convey your personal essay to the audience.
  • The more you have clarity about yourself the more you have ease in writing personal essay.

List your movements

After getting clarity and understanding about yourself than you can start writing personal essay. In this step, you write about your experiences, feelings, topics, etc. You make a list of the things you want to add in the personal essay and add in it.

The topic should not be boring and you will surprise that the success of a personal essay depends upon the topic you choose. So you should write a personal essay with an interesting and meaningful topic which convey your message clearly to the audience.

Use your own voice

  • In this you use your own ideas,words,opinion which describe your point of view in your voice to the audience.
  • Personal essays are full of emotions and if you write from the heart about something you feel passionate about, you will evoke emotions in your audience.
  •  The most powerful language is positive language. You must write personal essay in positive language which create hope in audience.
  •  Use the voice that comes naturally to you. Use your own vocabulary.


  •  One of the best way to become a essay writer is to be an interested reader of good writing. In this step you read your essay and pay attention how you write your personal essay and it relate to the topic from the beginning to the end.
  • No matter what you write, the most important part of the writing process is editing. Let your personal essay sit for some hours. Get up and walk away from it. Do something different and then come and read your personal essay with your readers in mind.
  • After reading do your editing work:- Is your point clear? Is your grammar correct? Did you make your point clear?

If you don’t have much confidence in how to write a personal essay then you can take services from us.

Examples of title on how to write a personal essay:-

If you don’t know where to start  and don’t have any idea on which topic you write your personal essay, then we have prepared a list of personal essay topics, which may help you to get started:-

  • What did you learn from your past mistake?
  • Where did you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What changed your personality?
  • A relative, who taught you a valuable lesson.
  • One of the key events of your life.
  • What profession is most suitable for you?
  • What are the lessons which shaped you?

Once you have clarity about the topic you will be able to know that how to write a personal essay.

Some problems that occur while writing a personal essay:-

  • Lack of writing skills.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Disturbed by the voice of the audience.

Personal Essay help to get you started:-

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