How to write an Expository Essay?

How to write an Expository Essay?

First of all we must know the meaning of the word expository. when students start writing their essay most of them don’t know the exact meaning of the topic on which they are presenting their point of view.

The term Expository is derived from the word “ exposition” which means to expose, explaining or describing something.

An expository essay means writing on a particular topic that going to explain, clarify or illustrate related to the topic in such a way that it becomes clear for the reader.

Function of an Expository Essay

The function of an expository essay is to explain the topic through process, comparison, contradiction or through problem solution.

Objective of an Expository Essay

The purpose of an expository essay is to explain a topic in a straightforward manner. It provides full and detailed information in a way that readers become knowledgeable about the topic.

An expository essay includes neither criticism nor arguments.

Types of an Expository Essay

There are five types of an expository essay are as follows:

Definition essay

In this essay writer defined things related to the topic in a deep form.

Classified essay

Classified essay includes break down of the topic into categories or groups by the writer. It makes more easier for the audience to understand the topic with the help of categories.

Cause and effect essay

This essay finds out the cause of something and then its effect on something else.

Comparison and differentiation essay

It includes the similarities and differences between the places or things related to the topic.

Solution suggesting essay

In this essay writer presents the problem related to the topic and provide its solution for the reader.

From the above explanation now you have the knowledge of an expository essay.  Now we are going to explain the steps included in how to write an expository essay.

How to write an Expository Essay?

Here we provide right direction on “how to write an expository essay?”. These are the following steps which a candidate should follow:

1: Make planning.

 2: Give an impressive introduction.

3: Include the main points.

4: Winding up an essay.

Make planning

In the first step, the writer made the planning of how to write an expository essay. It includes the following points:

  • The writer should take time for brainstorming related to the topic. He can do research or check the guidelines given by the teachers before start writing.
  • Secondly, consider the audience which he wants to target. Understand the expectations and mindset of the audience.
  • Make an outline of the ideas and included it in the essay after checking its Credibility.

Give impressive introduction

While writing an essay, introduction plays an important part in it. The introduction should be interesting so that the audience can relate to the topic and listen to it properly from the beginning to the end. It includes the following points:

  • Introduction of the essay must grab the attention of the reader.
  • The introduction must be in the formal language.
  • It must be brief so that the audience can relate to the topic and can think about it.

Include the main points

It includes three to five paragraphs in total. Each body paragraph should explain the points related to the topic with examples. In this writer explain the topic in detail. It includes different types of evidence in order to prove your point correct. Examples of evidence include:

  • Description of topic
  • Thesis report.
  • Facts and logic etc.

Winding up an essay

Winding up an essay should be done smartly by the writer. You will not include any new point in the concluding paragraph. You can summarize the entire idea in a concise manner so that the audience can understand the points included in the essay. Analysis of each point will be done by the reader so that they all can understand the topic.

Problems occur in writing Essay

The following are the problems faced by the writer in writing an expository essay:

  • Lack of writing skills.
  • Difficulty in selecting the topic.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Disturbed by the voice of the audience.

Examples of title on how to write an expository essay:-

If you don’t know where to start and don’t have any idea on which topic you will write your essay, then we have prepared a list of expository essay topics, which may help you to get started:-

  • Benefits of exercising
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Smoking is injurious for health.
  • The problem of generation gap.
  • Does the use of social media impact academic performance?

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