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Most Popular iOS Coding Language to Learn in 2020

There is no need of introduction of IOS mobile devices, approximately 23% of market share has been covered worldwide. IOS has been used by millions of people in forms of IOS phone, iPad, iPod devices. IOS creates a number of possibilities for app development for developers. It is very much necessary for developers to understand which language needs to be used for development of IOS applications. The IOS developer needs to understand the IOS tools and IOS coding language. Hence, IOS tools can be considered as a maestro for IOS app development.

The list of IOS Coding Language has been described below:

(a) Objective-C

Objective- C was considered as one of the primary IOS coding languages before development of swift language by Apple. It is based on the programming language -C and considered as objects oriented for general purpose. Even Swift has been developed, Objective -C IOS coding language can be considered for the purpose of development of high robust, scalable, and secured apps.

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(b)   Swift

Swift is IOS coding language which becomes more famous as objective- C lost its popularity in terms of easy to learn, more secure. It is also considered as the future of IOS app development. Swift became the primary language for development and cutting-edge apps for IOS, macOS, watchOS and others. Swift programming language is designed to eliminate the bugs, vulnerabilities which are unable to be removed by using Objective-C. The main feature of Swift coding language is easy to maintain as there is no requirement of LLVM compiler and X code. It means dependency has been ignored and there is no separate division of header file from the implementation file. It can be combined in single code i.e swift code.

(c) C#/ C++

These two IOS Coding languages play a very important role in IOS app development. C# is a more versatile language and on other hand C++ is too old and the most famous coding language. There is an extension through which IOS can put C++ in libraries.  It is also known as the most robust and appropriate coding language for mobile applications. C# is such a coding language which can be used for building several applications such as backend systems, web apps, windows apps, and mobile apps. Xamarin tool can be used by C# developers to build IOS native apps. Xamarin tool helps developer to write C# code to comply with IOS binaries.

(d) Python

It is one of IOS coding languages which is considered as the most famous scientific language. It is a type of IOS coding language which is powered by AI and ML. AI & ML means artificial intelligence and machine learning.

(e) HTML5 / CSS3

It is such a type of IOS coding language which can be considered as hybrid. Generally, it can be used where a single code base is a requirement of users while development of an IOS app. It works across all the operating systems. Accordingly, requirements of users of single code based can be fulfilled by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

(f) X Code

X code is another IOS coding language which can be used for development of applications for Apple platforms. The greatest feature of X code is that it acts as a tool which can debug by identifying and sorting out the identified problems. It also acts as a lightning fast source code editor. Another feature of X code is that it always gave preview mode before launching the applications.

(g) Flutter

It is the type of IOS coding language which can be used for Android as well as IOS. It is developed by google. The main feature of this code is building lightweight applications. The framework of such coding language is in open source mode.

(h)   Tester

Tester allows awesome features of testing IOS applications. Testing of application can be done internally as well as externally. It is considered as one of best mobile application testing tools. It helps to invite approx. ten thousand externals to test applications. At the same time 25 internal members can use 30 devices for internal testing of applications before launching.

(i)  App Code

IOS coding language consists several programming languages, In addition to above, App code is such an IOS coding language which seems intelligent Swift or Objective-C IDE for development of applications. This code allowed me to save time by automatically monitoring regular tasks, testing the quality of code and from extra typing of coding.

In addition to this Java is also a coding language which can be used for development of mobile based applications. This coding language is not more suitable for IOS app development. However, often it can be on your chosen list under cross platforms application.


IOS Operating is one of most famous and it is in second position which is used worldwide. IOS has been used by millions of people in forms of IOS phone, iPad, iPod devices. IOS creates a number of possibilities for app development for developers. The IOS operating system is based on two models namely old programming language which is objective- C and another is modern programming language which is Swift. Swift is considered as one of the best for new developers for development of iOS applications. Get the best programming assignment help from our experts.

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