Matlab vs Mathematica

Matlab vs Mathematica: The Key Differences You Should Know

Are you interested in knowing the comparison between Matlab vs Mathematica? Would you like to know the key differences that no one will tell you about Matlab vs Mathematica? If yes, then, you are at the right place and you don’t have to go anywhere else now. We know that Matlab vs Mathematica is very big concern among the students. So, before going deeper, Let’s start with a short introduction to each of these terms.

What is Matlab?

Matlab is a language that is used extensively across the world to perform the high-level technical computations. And Matlab stands for Matrix Laboratory. It provides us with an interactive environment to execute reporting and data analysis, and it also enables us to create computation methods, graph plotting, and other matrix functions.

Matlab Features: 

  • It handles the issues of array and matrix.
  • It helps in solving algebraic problems which are complicated ones.
  • Matlab is a programming language that is used to analyse data and create graphs.
  • It can also process and interact with signal equations.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Matlab

Advantages Disadvantages 
  • Ease of Use

  • Predefined Functions

  • Its GUI is good

  • Matlab Compiler
  • Its cost is high

  • Interpreted language
  • What is Mathematica?

    Mathematica is a universal natural language that may be used in any programming framework. The term Mathematica refers to a subject of instructions that assists you in solving a certain problem. And, it is also known as the Wolfram Mathematica. In this case, to perform the queries which are complex ones, the program is written in basic mathematics. This is not an open-source paradigm that everyone can use.

    Mathematica Features: 

    • It is cost-effective.
    • In academics, Mathematica is widely used.
    • It enables you to solve complicated issues in a matter of seconds.
    • There is no substitute for Mathematica, although it is available in every language.

    Advantages and Disadvantages Of Mathematica

    Advantages Disadvantages 
  • The coding of Mathematica is a simple one.

  • It has good hardware options.
  • Its cost is high.

  • Its GUI is not so good.
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    Matlab vs Mathematica: The Key Differences

    There are so many differences between Matlab vs Mathematica, Let’s discuss some key differences:

    1. Powerful: If we talk about the powerfulness of Matlab and Mathematica, then Mathematica is more powerful.
    2. Programming System: For handling the numerical work, Mathematica is good one. On the other hand Matlab is not the perfect one.
    3. Symbolic Manipulation: In Mathematica, the symbolic manipulation is better as well as easy than the Matlab.
    4. Data-Oriented: If we talk about the data-orientation, Matlab is more data-oriented than Mathematica.
    5. NMR Data: Mathematica uses the packages, to run the NMR data. On the other hand, Matlab uses scripts.
    6. Learning Curve: Mathematica’s learning curve is steeper than the Matlab.
    7. Programming Paradigm: Mostly Matlab is used as a procedural language. On the other hand, mathematics is used as functional, object-oriented, procedural, and modular.
    8. User Interface: When compared to Matlab, Mathematica’s user interface is simpler and easier to build.
    9. Commands: In Mathematica, manipulate and dynamic commands are used. On the other hand, Matlab doesn’t have those commands.
    10. External Editors: External editors, such as Emacs, are not available in Mathematica, although they are in Matlab.
    11. Handling: To handle the calculus and differential equations, Mathematica is good for it. On the other hand, Matlab is good at design functions.
    12. Scientific Calculator: If we talk about the Mathematica, it is an excellent scientific calculator, however Matlab cannot be used to create a scientific calculator.
    13. Symbolic Calculations: Matlab’s symbolic computations take more time than Mathematica’s.
    14. Use of “ = ” Symbol: When we use the = symbol in Mathematica notebook, it prints the result as well as the equation, however Matlab does not have this option.

    Matlab Vs Mathematica: In Tabular Form

    Here you can see some differences between Matlab vs Mathematica in tabular form.

    Matlab vs Mathematica
    In Matlab, development is slow.In Mathematica, development is fast.
    In Matlab, the compilation of codes is faster.In Mathematica, the compilation of codes is slow.
    Coding in Matlab is complex.Coding is simple in Mathematica.
    It is of high cost.It is also of high cost.
    There is no notebook interface in Matlab.Mathematica has a notebook-like interface.
    Complex queries are performed by Matlab itself.To perform the complex queries, it has a central database along with alpha.
    Matlab has a world-class GUI.Mathematica GUI is not so good.
    It is used for a few applications.It has more scope as it is used in more applications.
    Matlab is developed for doing parallel computations to perform the operations in vectored form.Mathematica is designed to write the functions of mathematics in a simple and easy-to-understand syntax.
    Two-dimensional array systems are used in Matlab.A computer algebra system is used by Mathematica.
    There are several Matlab packages that are free to use.Mathematica packages are developed centrally and are not publicly available for usage.
    We can share the code in Matlab.We can share the code in Mathematica.
    For simulations, Matlab is simple to use.For simulations, Mathematica is not so good.
    When a matrix problem is tackled in Matlab, it becomes more complicated.Matrix issues are simple to solve with Mathematica.
    It doesn’t have infinite precision.It has infinite precision.
    In simulations or in controlling the systems it is good.In the mechanical engineering field, it is good.
    The documentation of Matlab is good.The documentation of Mathematica is not so good.
    Students, industrial workers, designers, and others may all utilize Matlab.Mathematica is designed for the users and scientists that are experienced ones.
    CAD/EDA design tools are combined with Matlab.With Mathematica, no designed tools are combined. 
    Matlab cannot be used for data science.Data science and machine learning analysis are both possible.
    By using Matlab, web applications cannot be written.By using Mathematica, web applications can be written.
    In Matlab, debugging the code is easy.In Mathematica, debugging cannot be done.
    It is used in industries mostly.It is used in academics mostly.
    In Matlab, the code visualization can be done.In Mathematica, the code visualization cannot be done.
    It has very limited hardware options.It has good hardware options.
    It has good user support.Its user support is not so good.
    With the help of documentation and user support, it is easy to master Matlab.It is not easy to master in Mathematica, but once you mastered you will be able to solve any complicated problems.
    It is good at prototyping programs.It is not good at prototyping.
    In AI and Big data, it is used.In big data analytics, it is not used.
    The setup of Matlab is easy.In this, the data for setup is not easily available.
    Because of Python and other programming languages, Matlab is not popular.Because of lazy expressions and language support, the usage of Mathematica will not end sooner.
    There are many alternatives for Matlab.There is no alternative for Mathematica.
    With the help of Matlab, we can use the other programs and languages.With the help of Mathematica, we cannot call any programs or languages.
    It is written in a variety of languages including its own.It is written in Java and C/C++. 
    In the case of random matrix generation, Matlab is good for it.In the case of random matrix generation, Mathematica is not good for it.
    With the help of Matlab, you can learn the programming basics.It doesn’t help you in any manner related to the programming language.
    In Matlab, it contains the inline result feature.In Mathematica, it doesn’t contain any inline result feature.
    In Matlab, It doesn’t have the if statements and functions.In Mathematica, it has if statements and functions.
    In every STEM field, it can’t be used.It is almost used in every field.

    Matlab vs Mathematica: Uses

    One of the best tools for academic tasks is MATLAB. However, it is now utilised outside of academia. It is utilised in engineering fields such as mechanical engineering and civil engineering. Aside from that, it’s useful for prototyping. MATLAB code may also be used in real-world applications like web apps. Another best part of MATLAB is its compatibility with other programming languages like C, C++, and Java. It indicates that you can use MATLAB to run these programming languages’ code. Medical picture enhancement and signal processing can also benefit from MATLAB.

    In contrast, Mathematica is extremely beneficial for addressing symbolic calculus issues. Derivatives, simplifying formulas, integrals, and gathering related words are some of the difficulties tackled using Mathematica. Calculus issues are the only thing Mathematica excels at. It is not recommended that you use it to solve numerical issues.

    Matlab vs Mathematica: Support

    Users can get good help from MATLAB. As we all know, it is a premium product that provides excellent after-sales support to its users. If you buy the most expensive edition of MATLAB, you’ll get the add-ons for free with each new version of the software. However, whether you purchased MATLAB for students or an individual licence. Then you won’t receive the extra add-ons. Aside from that, you may encounter flaws in MATLAB’s features. However, when it comes to general support, MATLAB provides exceptional service to its consumers. You will also find the MATLAB community, which will be of great assistance to you.

    In contrast, Mathematica does not provide the same level of assistance as MATLAB. There is also a MATLAB user community. However, the community is not as good as it may be. You might not be able to discover real users to help you solve your difficulties in the community.

    Conclusion: Matlab vs Mathematica

    In this blog, we have discussed the key differences of Matlab vs Mathematica. And after comparing the difference between Matlab vs Mathematica, we hope that you now get enough knowledge about it. But if you face any kind of problem, then you can ask us for MATLAB Assignment Help. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to help you. 


    Is Mathematica better than Matlab?

    When we talk about Matlab vs Mathematica and compare Mathematica to Matlab, we find that Mathematica is more powerful. Mathematica is a flawless programming system and is adept at handling numerical tasks, but Matlab is not. Mathematica excels in calculus and differential equations, whereas Matlab excels at design functions.

    Can Mathematica run Matlab?

    Aside from built-in Matlab functions, you can also create new Matlab functions and scripts on the fly and utilise them directly from within Mathematica.

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