Python vs Matlab

Python vs Matlab: The Essential Differences You Should Know

Generally, people get confused about a large number of programming languages and their importance. The same concern goes with Python vs Matlab. 

Yes, people seek the comparison between Python and Matlab so that they can choose one from the best two. They search for the reasons why they are different from each other and what tasks they perform.

Indeed, all the programming languages are different, but they also share other common features. All the programming languages have their unique points and are used for a specific purpose, such as Python is a general-purpose programming language, whereas Matlab is an expensive language and uses a specific purpose.

If you want to know more about Python and Matlab, we are here to guide you on which one you should choose. We will discuss in what aspects they are different from each other.

Let’s begin with a brief overview of Python vs Matlab.

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Matlab is a mathematical and technical purpose programming language that includes arrays, linear algebra, and matrices. It is broadly known as a high-quality environment for any task. On the other hand, Python is a general-purpose language and is becoming popular daily due to its ease and functionality.

Python possesses all the computational power of Matlab for science and computation to develop new applications easily, but it is different from Matlab. Hence, to choose the perfect fit for you need to go through the full comparison of Python vs Matlab.

What Is Python?

Python is an open-source, general-purpose, high-level programming language. In 1991 it was released and developed by Guido van Rossum. Python uses the OOP approach for helping the developers for writing precise and logical code for small and large projects. 

Python is a broadly used language. Mainly it is developed for emphasis on code readability. It supports multiple paradigms of programming, like OOP, procedural programming, and functional programming. It let you work quickly and integrate systems more efficiently.

What Is Matlab?

Matlab is an abbreviation for Matrix Laboratory, and it is a high-level language. It is one of those programming languages which are well-designed and the most advanced ones for computing. Cleve Moler developed it in the late 1970s. 

It is the best tool for data plotting, developing user interfaces, matrix manipulations, and implementing algorithms. Though Matlab is primarily developed for numerical computations, it enables symbolic computation with the MuPAD symbolic engine.

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Python Uses And Features

  1. It is easy to learn as it has clean and clear syntax.
  2. High portable as it runs almost anywhere. It has high-end servers and workstations.
  3. It is free and extensible.
  4. To delimit the blocks it uses white space.

Matlab Uses And Features

  1. It saves time, saves human lives, reduces costs, etc.
  2. Image processing.
  3. Matlab is a programming interface as well as a programming language.
  4. The functionality of Matlab can be greatly expanded by adding toolboxes. These are groups of functions that provide particular functionality. For example, an Excel link allows data to be written in an Excel-compatible format, while Statistics Toolbox allows for more advanced statistical data manipulation (ANOVA, Basic Fits, etc.)

Advantages Of Python

  • Easy to Read, Learn and Write
  • Interpreted Language
  • Free and Open-Source
  • Portability
  • Dynamically Typed
  • Improved Productivity
  • Broad Libraries Support

Advantages Of Matlab

  • Ease of Use
  • Predefined Functions
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Platform Independence
  • MATLAB Compiler
  • Device-Independent Plotting

Disadvantages Of Python

  • Slow Speed
  • Weak in Mobile Computing
  • Not Memory Efficient
  • Runtime Errors
  • Database Access

Disadvantages Of Matlab

  • Cost
  • Interpreted language

Python vs Matlab

Python vs matlab

Python Vs Matlab: The Key Differences

Ease Of Learning

If we talk about the ease of learning, there is no clear winner from both languages. The complexity of learning any programming language means ease of learning. Syntax, programming structure, and resources of learning are all part of it. Python is one of the most user-friendly programming languages, with a simple syntax.

To work on Python, all you need is a basic understanding of programming. There are various sources available online for learning to program for free. You can share your problems of coding with the other users in the python community. Aside from that, you can obtain proper Python documentation on their official website to get started with Python.

In contrast, Matlab is all about the toolboxes. In Matlab, if you want to work, you can use drop and down ways to do so. Users can use the toolboxes in Matlab to do any task they want. You need to have some basic knowledge of the language if you want to get started with Matlab. On their official website, you’ll find the best community assistance, where you can share your problems, questions, and other information with many programmers.


The syntax is one of the most crucial differences between Matlab and Python. In Matlab, everything is an array, whereas, in Python, everything is an object. For example, Strings in Matlab can be either array of characters or arrays of strings, whereas strings in Python are represented by a single object called “str.” 

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Matlab is a proprietary commercial product and not open-source software. As a result, to use it, you must purchase it first. You’ll have to pay an extra amount for any additional Matlab toolbox you want to install and run. 

Aside from the expense, it’s important to note that its user base is limited, and Matlab was created specifically for MathWorks. Matlab would also lose its industrial value if MathWorks went out of business.

In contrast, Python is an open-source programming language, which means it is completely free. So you can download the Python and install it and make alterations to the source code to meet your needs. Python has a more extensive fan base and user community as a result of this. 

Naturally, the Python community is large, with thousands of developers actively contributing to the language’s continuous improvement. Python has a large number of free packages, making it a popular choice among developers all around the world.


When it comes to programming, the cost is always a concern. As a result, programmers look for open-source programming languages. They use open-source programming languages to execute a variety of activities in those languages.

Python is a programming language that is free and open-source. As a result, there is no need to invest any money to use Python. Programmers frequently use Python. Aside from that, newbie programmers prefer Python because it allows them to get started without spending any money.

In contrast, Matlab is one of the most costly programming languages. 

To use Matlab, you must pay a large amount of money. Mathworks offers Matlab’s students version, and this version is less expensive than the full version of Matlab. In addition, if your school or college has purchased a campus-wide license, you can use it with the help of access.

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Matlab has an integrated development environment. It has a very clean interface with the console in the center to write commands. Variable explorer lies on the right and directory listing on the left.

In the case of Python, it does not have an integrated development environment by default. Users choose an IDE according to their requirements on their own. Anaconda is a very popular Python package that includes two IDEs- one is Spyder, and the other is JupyterLab. Both these IDEs work very efficiently.


In programming languages, the popularity depends on how much programmers prefer the language. And on various aspects, the popularity of the programming language.

As we compare Matlab with Python, then Python is the most popular programming language. And you can see the popularity of Python popularity over Matlab. The ease of learning, ease of access, and simplicity make Python popular. 

In contrast, Matlab is a costly one, so it is less popular. And as we compare it to Python, it has limited features. You have to buy the additional tool to expand the Matlab features.

Python Vs Matlab: In Tabular Form

InventionPython is developed in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum.It was invented by a computer programmer and mathematician Cleve Moler in the 1970s.
PurposeIt is a general-purpose languageMatlab is a mathematical and technical computational language
UsePython is used for web programmingIt is used in the creation of user interfaces, function plotting, and matrix manipulation.
AdvantagesOpen-source, free, large, and active community, extensive library.Test algorithms fastly without compilation
LibraryIt contains a large standard library.There is no generic programming functionality in the standard library.
SupportEmail and phone supportPersonalized real-time support is absent
Code Generation for EmbeddedIt does not generate comprehensive, automatic code for embedded systems.It generates readable, portable, C++ and C codes.
PortabilityIt is portable There are some restrictions in the case of portability.

Salary- Python vs Matlab

The average salary of a Python Programmer Per Hour

Average Salary of a Matlab Developer per hour

Top Companies Which use Python vs Matlab

Online sources to learn Python and Matlab

Nowadays, there are numerous sources that provide an excellent guide to any programming language online. People who want to learn Python or Matlab programming language do not need to rely on offline classes or any degree and diploma. Some online platforms are hard-working day and night to avail their services to the students. Such platforms are-



Codeacademy etc.

Other than that you can learn these languages through blogs, websites, youtube tutorials, ebooks, etc.


Hence, both Python and Matlab both have their benefits and drawbacks and rule the market in their own way. The above information defines Python vs Matlab with their features effectively. And we hope that now you should know all about Python vs Matlab. 

And you can decide which is the best one between Python vs Matlab. But if in any case, you want assistance from us regarding Python Homework Help or Python Programming Assignment Help, then contact us without any hesitation. We are 24*7 available here to help you.


Is Matlab harder than Python?

From my point of view, Matlab is easier to use than Python. We can do vector and matrix operations directly in Matlab (rather than go through NumPy in Python).

Can Python replace Matlab?

Yes, Python can replace Matlab as most Matlab applications can be found in Python libraries or viably duplicated. Python is a general language, and it is more versatile than Matlab.

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