SAS vs STATA: The Essential Guide By Statistics Experts

It might not be easy to know the difference between SAS vs STATA. 

Should you learn SAS or STATA? 

Despite their importance, first of all, you must know the difference between them and after that, you can decide which one is best for you.

Continue reading to know SAS vs STATA………

Introduction to SAS

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System, and it is written in C language. Statistical software is used primarily for business intelligence, management of data, and analytics. In most operating systems, SAS is used. Anthony James Barr developed SAS, and it can read the databases and spreadsheets. And also, as a programming language and as a graphical interface, SAS can be used. The output can be in the form of graphs, tables, and documents. It is used to report, retrieve and analyze the statistical data, and to run the queries of SQL.

Strengths and Weaknesses of SAS

It adapts the new statistical methods very quickly. Moreover, there are a variety of modules and interfaces are available, and also their own Business Intelligence Software (for a fee)Different programming languages, some of which are complicated (but powerful).
Professional assistance and excellent documentation. It’s good to deal with large data sets and extensive in-house training offered.Somewhat outdated interface, GUI optional.
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Introduction to STATA

Stata is basically a software that allows you to store as well manage the data, and data can be in the form of large and small data sets. It creates good graphs by undertaking statistical analysis of your data. Stata was created by StataCorp. This is a very powerful software as you can do anything with the data. It is very popular among health researchers who work with massive data sets.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of STATA

STATA has a wide range of functions, including practically every well-known statistical procedure. Easily accessible via a graphical user interface. It can be automated and also compatible with the older versions.In terms of absorbing new methods, it’s a little sluggish (version updates).
The STATA community has been quite helpful, and there is a lot of literature accessible. Windows, MacOS, and Unix are all supported. In comparison to commercial competitors, it is inexpensive. And the security is ensured by the three-year release cycle.Integration of and into other software was difficult before version 16.0; however, since version 16.0, Python integration is available. And up until version 16.0, you could only open and edit one record at a time. It is now possible to load many data sets at once, thanks to the release of version 16.0

SAS Vs STATA: The Key Points

1. Ease of learning

Stata is easy to learn and designed for solving the problems of many statistical analysis. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution. As SAS, it uses the same languages. For fundamental analysis of data, Stata is suitable. But for the issues which are the complex ones like data management, networking, and structures, it is less useful. 

In contrast, SAS contains numerous features that is why it is considered as a powerful programming language. And SAS includes the data types which are pre-defined, and for programmers, they are very helpful. 

2. Stability

Stata is software that is powerful and stable one. And in businesses, its adoption is low. For customers who value a large choice of methodologies, stability, a mature operational concept including scripting language, and a reasonable price, the Stata programming language outperforms the more expensive commercial competition.

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SAS is a stable and powerful tool that large companies most like. For many pharmaceutical analyses, it becomes the adequate standard. SAS training is not so easy; it is complex. And it is because of the different modules which it includes also some modules different principles which are completely different. As compared to other commercial competitors SAS is the most expensive solution. 

3. Features Set

If we talk about the comprehensive features set, Stata includes primary functions of mathematics, root-finding operations, integration, data conversion, and matrix multiplication.

In contrast, if we talk about the SAS, it lacks a comprehensive set of mathematical functions. 

4. Performance

Stata is very useful in the several environments that include the GUI (Graphical user interface). Also, it can be used from the command line and helps programmers run programs more effectively.

The use of the Stata is still limited as compared to its competitors. And its dependency on functional programming is a major drawback. The performance of Stata isn’t always as good as it could be.

In contrast, if we talk about the SAS, it performs better than Stata. However, both have advantages and disadvantages depending on how a programmer is used.

5. Versatility

If we talk about the versatility, Stata is more adaptable than SAS and is supposed to be more user-friendly for beginners. Despite its higher functionality, Stata does not offer as much customization as SAS does.

6. Mathematical Operations

Stata has an advantage over SAS in that it can handle fundamental operations of mathematics, including trigonometric functions, linear equations, and different geometric figures. Calculations that are more complex are also supported, such as limits, partial sums, and line graphs.

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7. Interface

The interface of SAS cannot be altered or updated, but the Stata interface can. It is one of the main weaknesses of the Stata interface, as it reduces the computation accuracy and forces you to repeat it. 

Conclusion: SAS vs STATA

The above information defines SAS vs STATA effectively. Also, it is very useful for the students to understand the essential differences between the terms SAS vs STATA. And we hope that now you should know all about SAS vs STATA. And you can decide which one is best for you. 

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Which one is more flexible in terms of programming?

Both have advantages, but Stata is a little more lenient than SAS regarding flexibility. Still, in terms of programming flexibility, there’s a lot for development.

Is SAS free to use?

Anyone can access SAS software for free by just logging into a SAS website. No By logging into the website of SAS, anyone can get free access to the software of SAS. There is no need to install anything, and for everyone, it is available – individual learners, instructors, and students. It’s free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Do data scientists use Stata?

Stata is used by data scientists because of its powerful programming skills, as well as its repeatability, extensibility, and interoperability. Stata has the tools you need to complete your analysis, from data manipulation through reporting.

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