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An Overview of Python programming language:

Python is the most widely used programming language used all over the world. It was develop by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Python can be use for small as well as big online or offline projects. It has a simple syntax and a huge number of libraries. Python is used in web application and game development, data science, and robotics. Many websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Mozilla, Google, and Dropbox use python.

Python programming Assignment Help

Some basic features of Python:

  • Simple and Easy to Learn:
  • Python is very simple and easy programming language to learn. Python syntax is very easy to understand. It is very easy to code as compared to other popular languages like Java and C++.

  • Interpreted Language:
  • Python is an interpreted language. It executes the code line by line at a time. Python converts the source code into bytecodes. Then translates this into the native language of your specific computer. You just run your programs and you never have to worry about linking and loading with libraries, etc.

  • Cross-platform language:
  • Python can run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Macintosh etc. A Python program can write on a Macintosh computer will run on a Linux system and vice versa.

  • Free and Open Source:
  • Python is free and open source software. It is freely available you can easily download it. Its source code is available to the public. You can easily download it, change it, use it, and distribute it.

  • Object-Oriented language:
  • Python is an object-oriented programming language. Python’s class mechanism adds classes with a minimum of new syntax and semantics. It is a mixture of the class mechanisms found in C++ and Modula-3. Python classes provide all the standard features of Object Oriented Programming Language.

  • Extensive Libraries:
  • Python library contains built-in modules that provide access to system functionality. It can help you do various things involving regular expressions, documentation generation, unit testing, threading, databases etc.

  • Integrated:
  • Python can be easily integrated with languages like C, C++, and Java etc.

  • Databases Connectivity:
  • Python provides an interface to all commercial databases.

Reasons to Choose Python Programming Language

  • Easy to Use
  • One of the major advantage of using Python for web application development. Python is to use and be easy to understand, unlike other programming languages. Python are designed to be used by beginners with their simple-to-learn syntax. The syntax in Python is easy to learn for the non-developer and codes are easier to develop. Python an interpreted language you can write the python code any computer and easily run it on other computer.

  • Python is Free to Use
  • Python and its all supported tools, libraries and modules are free to use. Python development companies did not charge for any such thing. There are lots of Python IDEs that are free to download like eclipse, like Pydev with Eclipse, PTVs, and Spyder Python all are free to download. This is one of the biggest benefits which make Python better than any other programming languages.

  • Speed and Productivity
  • Python provide the object-oriented feature and capabilities for controlling process. Apart from this, it has the ability to process the text and it has its own unit test outline, the combination of all these offers both speed and productivity. With this Python development companies make better web applications for their customers.

  • Great Developer Community
  • There are very few open source communities which are fully dedicated as well as expanders in the form of dragon. There are millions of Python developers and tech support teams who work regularly to improve Python's main functionality and features. Apart from this, any kind of support can be easily found in python.

Some of the following career occurrences in Python programming

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Programming Expert

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