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Java programming language is one of the most difficult at the same time widely used by programmers to develop web applications.

Nowadays, so many students prefer this subject to study. The growing popularity of programming language has made the programmer experts to start Java assignment Help.

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Java Assignment Help
Table of Contents

What Is Java?

Java is a computer programming language used for general purposes and is object-oriented, concurrent, and class-based. By James Gosling it was developed in 1995 at Sun Microsystems, the organization later received by Oracle in 2009. The language is made so that developers can write once and run anywhere, meaning a program of Java can be compiled in the individual platform and performed in any other platform having JVM. When a programmer develops the coding for a java application, the bytecodes of the program can be executed on the operating systems such as Mac OS and Linux. Java receives many of its syntaxes from the programming languages C and C++.

Why Are Java Programming Assignments So Important To Students?

Java is a term that everyone is familiar with. But what exactly is java? Why is it so crucial for students of computer science to learn? Java is a computer language that may be used to express a variety of ideas. It’s so adaptable and versatile that after you’ve written it, you can use it anyplace. Not only that, but programmers can run their code on any java-enabled device, such as cell phones, computers, and routers, to name a few examples.

Writing java programs is an intimidating task for students. Students may be required to prepare two sorts of projects for java assignments. Whatever job you’re working on, you’ll need a firm grasp of the fundamental java commands. Only then may java-based GUI and console programs be run.

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class Simple{

public static void main(String args[]){

System.out.println("Hello There");



Output: Hello There

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Features of Java programming language

Object-Oriented Language:

It is an object-oriented language. It describes an instance of a class like encapsulation, abstraction inheritance, polymorphism.


Java multithreading features are mainly used for the total use of CPU. It provides the execution of two or more fragments of a program.

Simple Language:

Java is easy to understand Language. It has no complication in its features like an inheritance, pointer, operator overloading, etc. that's why it is easy to learn.


it is a secure programming language. It allows us to improve virus-free tamper-free systems.

Independent Language:

It is an independent language. The coder changes source code to a bytecode so that bytecode can be run on any platform.


Java code written on one computer system can be run on a different PC because it has a portable feature. For execution, the bytecode can transfer to any platform.


It is a dynamic language. While execution, the java environment can extend itself by linking in classes. We can place it on remote servers on the internet.

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    Parameters used in First Java Program

    • class is used to declare a class in java.
    • public keyword is an access modifier that describes visibility. It means it is visible to all.
    • static If we represent any method as static, it is recognized as the static method. The static method's core advantage is that there is no need to create an object to invoke the static method. The JVM executes the main method, so it doesn't need to build an object to invoke the main method. So it saves memory.
    • void is the return type of the method. It means it does not return any value.
    • main describes the opening point of the program.
    • String[] args is used for the command line argument.
    • System.out.println() is used to print statements. Here, System is a class, out is the object of PrintStream class, println() is the method of PrintStream class.

    Challenges faced by students while writing a Clean Code for Java assignment

    There can be many reasons students seek for Java programming assignment help. Below we have mentioned some of the common reasons that almost every student face:

    Coding skills:

    One of the biggest reasons students need Java assignment help online is because of their inadequate coding skills. Therefore, students are not able to craft a programming assignment homework without using the simplest skills.

    Negligent approach:

    Several students do not concentrate on the lessons in the class because of any reason. By which they miss important things related to their programming language that is useful to write a programming assignment homework. Therefore, students start seeking Java assignment help online.

    Confused Programming codes:

    Even though you know how to run Java programming successfully, there are some programs where you are going to need someone's help. Java programming language has its simplicity in its coding, but several programmers get confused with the syntax formation. Therefore, they look for an Java assignment help online.

    Plagiarism Problem:

    Plagiarism is the biggest issue that is common in every assignment homework. Making a plagiarism-free programming assignment is not an easy task. When teachers ask students to write a programming assignment, the first thing that their tutors mentioned is that they need to write an assignment with zero plagiarism. Students fail to do so; therefore, they ask online experts to do my Java assignment.

    Not enough practice:

    Everyone is familiar with the quote "Practice makes a man perfect" but sometimes students do not know the proper syntax of programming; therefore, they do not take an interest in practicing the coding that leads them to inadequate knowledge of the programming assignments.

    Why are Java Programming Assignments so important for a student?

    It is so flexible and adaptable that you can run it anywhere once you complete it. A Java programming professionals programmer can also run any generated code on any Java-enabled devices like computers, cell phones, routers, and to name a few.

    When it comes to Java Programming Assignments homework, students may be required to make two types of Java projects. No matter which assignment you are working, you need to have a clear idea about the basic commands. Only then one can execute GUI and Console-based programs on Java. For Students, writing Java programs is a nothing but a fearsome task.

    Applications of Java in real world

    Android Mobile Apps

    Most of your Android phone and any other app is written in Java language. A few years back, Android has provided a boost for many Java developers.

    Java Web Applications

    Java is widely used in E-business and web applications. Numerous legislatures, medical services, protection, training, and a few different government offices have their web application in this language.

    Software Tools

    Many useful computer softwares and tools are developed and composed in the Java language.

    Online financial Trading Application

    Java is much used in Financial services. World’s top Investment banks use this language for writing front and backend electronic trading systems and several other softwares. This programming language is used to write server-side applications.

    Big Data technologies

    Nowadays, big data technologies like Hadoop are widely used in the Java programming language. Day by day, It is growing in space in big data technologies.

    High-Frequency Trading Space

    Java has improved a lot in terms of its performance. Java is used in writing high-performance programs. It is widely used in modern JITs. Due to its high performance, it makes applications fast and reliable.

    Scientific Applications

    These days scientific applications are developed in the Java language as it is more safe, maintainable, portable, and comes with high-level tools than any other programming languages.

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    Writing efficient, faster programs with least redundancies and correct output

    • Conceptual and logical accuracy
    • Write Self-documenting codes
    • Write portable and reliable programs, that can run on any platform
    • Editing programs and assignments
    • Providing relevant answers according to guidelines
    • Ensuring that no plagiarism or copyright violation is there

    Below we have listed some of the common Java assignment topics asked by students. These topics are:

    • J2EEE
    • Polymorphism
    • Activity Diagram
    • java threads
    • XML
    • Java swing
    • Java MCQ
    • Cass diagram
    • Java script
    • Development of minor projects with Java
    • Sequence Diagram
    • Java Applets
    • Flowchart

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    Java Assignment Help Solution Example

    logical AND operator

    import java.util.*;

    public class operators {

    public static void main(String[] args)


    int num1 = 10;

    int num2 = 20;

    int num3 = 30;

    // find the largest number

    // using && operator

    if (num1 >= num2 && num1 >= num3)



    + " is the largest number.");

    else if (num2 >= num1 && num2 >= num3)



    + " is the largest number.");




    + " is the largest number.");



    30 is the largest number.

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