Tableau vs Power BI: Which one is The Best Business Intelligence tool

Today, we are going to share with you the best ever comparison between two top business intelligence tools. Tableau vs Power BI is always the top rivals of each other. Therefore most of the students are not able to choose between these two. Although professional training providers generally include Tableau online course as well as Power BI courses in their course lists, it is recommended to understand the difference between these tools before taking up a training program.Here in this blog, we will explore the actual difference between Tableau vs Power BI. Let’s dig into it:-

What is Tableau Vs Power BI?


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Tableau refers to a tool for data visualization used in the Business Intelligence Industry that now has become a powerful and fastest growing tool. Besides, it supports simplifying gathered raw data into an understandable presentation.

Power BI

Power BI know as a solution used for business analytics that helps to visualize data and provide insights into the company or insert them on their website or app. It connects with various sources of data and brings the best results of data using live reports and dashboards.

Is There Any Difference Between Tableau Vs Power BI?

Yes! Tableau vs Power BI both is different in the visualization perspective ability in mining the data from individual servers. Here are the key differences between Tableau vs Power BI

Data Access

Tableau enables access of data in the cloud as well as connects it to the Hadoop database server. Also, it automatically detects the resource.

Power BI enables the extraction of the data from Salesforce, Azure, and Google analytics because it cannot connect to Hadoop databases.


By using Tableau users can make charts and scatter plots without executing any type of coding language with drag and drop method. Also, it doesn’t limit the data point’s number.

Power Bi offers numerous data points to deliver visualization. Around 3500, data points are involved in this tool for drilling down in the dataset and conduct an analysis.

Customer Support

Tableau has community forums and strong customer support for the discussions. It has aligned the support on the server, desktop, and online help.

Power BI offers limited customer support.


Tableau allows interconnecting the outcomes produced in Tableau desktop over Tableau Online or Server.

Desktop, mobile, and service are three categories in which Power BI is available. Azure Tenant is easy to set up.


Tableau is accessible in both clouds, as well as on-premises. It produces the finest result when massive data amounts are stored within the cloud server.

On the other hand, Power BI is the “SaaS” model.

Which One is Better Visualization Tool From Tableau vs Power BI?

A quick side-to-side comparison is presented below that will help you assess the better one:


This tool is used for data visualization and generating reports with high flexibility. For example, you can use Power BI Report Builder to generate paginated reports that can be printed or shared.

This tool is helpful to analyze the business and develop better understandings of it.


It can get access to several servers and sources of the database.

It has limited access to other servers and databases than Tableau.

Data Capacity

It only stores works exclusive values for every column because it uses columnar based structure to make it possible to fetch Billions of rows.

Every workspace could manage around 10 Gigabytes of Data.

Machine Learning

It involves Python machine learning capacities, which is efficient for performing ML processes over the datasets.

It is associated with Microsoft Azure, which supports in evaluating the data and understanding the business patterns.


 It can manage massive data with better performance.

 It can only manage a limited data.


Tableau is expensive than power BI. It requires more paid while connecting to third-party apps.

Power BI is very cheaper than Tableau.

Target Audience

It involves Naïve and experienced Users.

Analysts and Experienced users use it for analytics purposes.

Which One From Tableau vs Power BI do Business Organizations use most?

These analytic tools provide key features to ensure Data Preparation. And its Storage, validation as well as ETL operations are completed without any latency. Both Power BI vs Tableau tools work efficiently, so it would be challenging to recommend one of them.

Power BI is the best tool to use when the business requires to evaluate the data and functionality limitations, and even it is cheaper than Tableau. 

As opposed, Tableau provides a lot and a lot of functionality and drilling down options when huge data needs to be managed from individual sources and complete statistics for better visualization of the data.

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Conclusion – Tableau vs Power BI

It may be clear in your mind that Business Intelligence helps in making better decisions for a business. Both Tableau and Power BI have its own features and limitations. Besides, the uses of such tools depend upon requirements for a business. Furthermore, all this information is very beneficial for students on the comparison between Tableau vs Power BI. That helps you to increase the understanding of both tools.  Also, get the best among the best Tableau assignment help and Tableau homework help from experts.

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