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A Brief Overview of The Transactional model of communication

The transactional model can be measured as a simplistic one where people believes the receiver and sender are independent rudiments of the action. The roles of receiver and sender in the transaction model differ knowingly from the other models. It is an imperative addition to the communication model. The reason is it allows the people to do effective communication by relaxing their capability to adapt communication, for example, a verbal communication, in the middle of directing it founded on the communication they are concurrently receiving from their communication companion. It is one of the crucial model for business studies students.

The transactional model of communication

Transactional Model Concept

The model of communication is the procedure of incessant transformation and change. Because of this, it accepts the correspondents to be self-governing also acts in any manner they need. Since both receiver and sender are essential to keep the interaction active in the transactional model, the correspondents are also codependent to each other. For illustration, the transactional model is not probable if the receiver is not attending sender.

The transactional model is the most usual method of communication. Ordinary interactions and talk are also an effective form of interaction or communication. It is more effective and well-organized for correspondents with related individual and environment aspects. For example, 

It is obvious that the people who recognise each other will have the more effective communication rather than between the unknown people. In this model, the reliability and efficiency of interconnected messages also be contingent on the method used. For illustration, the same communication might not be supposed through an individual the same manner once it is directly through a telephone, also once it is provided personally. 

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Factors Affecting the Transactional Model

  • Many factors can affect the interaction or communication procedure in the transactional model. Besides these factors can affect the model communication procedure directly and indirectly. In most of the cases, These background communication and other unwanted noise become the issues. Background noises can be of any type like physical, physiological or psychosomatic noise.
  • The transactional model of communication relates communication to the social authenticity of a group of individuals or an individual in social, relational and cultural backgrounds. We can’t predict their responses because they may have diverse backgrounds and cerebral circumstances. Communication patterns are contingent on several factors, for example, physical, environmental, social, cultural, emotional, psychological, etc.
  •  The fundamental of the interaction or communication in the specific model get overpowered because of the circumstances of the cultural and social system are over-powering the fundamentals of. At the same time, the psychological and physical background has substantial effects on the communication, undermining or enhancing it. So, these are some factors distressing transactional model. 

Criticism of the transactional model of communication 

  • Without a verbal reply, the sender can’t be certain that the receiver acquired the message as envisioned. The response is an essential constituent in the interaction or communication procedure, mainly in relational communication because it provides a space to explain misunderstandings.
  • The transactional model also provides the opportunity for noise since the interaction or communication is concurrent. For example, if some of the employees are talking to each other than they are restricting to meet the goal of the proper meeting.

There are three implications

  • Transactional” signifies that communication is not a one time process. It is continuously altering and enduring process. Individuals are not the same, and they change as per the requirements and collaboration. The environment also changes as per the circumstances.
  • In any transactional procedure, each element exists concerning all other elements. There is this interdependence where there can be no basis without a receiver also no message deprive of a source.
  • Each individual in the communication procedure reacts contingent on several factors, for example, their context, previous experiences, cultural beliefs, attitudes, and confidence. So, these are some inferences in this model.

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Wrap up

Now you have seen that in the transactional model, the communication is an enduring circular procedure. The transactional model of communication has several codependent components and processes, comprising the decoding and encoding processes, the correspondent, message, noise and channel. The transactional model of communication also relates to communication with communal reality; national upbringing even relational background (relationships). Non-verbal response like gesticulations, body language, is also measured as the response in this model.

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