Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

10 Reasons Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

Why Kids Should Not Have Homework? The debate on Homework has been going on for so long. Some teachers believe that it helps students get good grades, while others think it puts a lot of stress on students.

 A study was done on the Homework related issue, and many parents agreed that it should be fully eliminated from student’s life.

A typical school starts at around 8 a.m and ends at 3 p.m. After school, kids barely have time to eat and need to get back to their studies and start doing homework.

Due to lengthy homework, it takes almost an entire day after school, and sometimes they must stay awake till late at night to finish it.

All these things build stress on kids and negatively affect their health, and they even sometimes face punishments for not doing homework which breaks their morale and self-esteem.

So teachers should understand why kids should not have homework in school and work collectively towards bettering their overall growth.

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Homework Stress: Statistics

Research shows that homework causes stress among students and may cause health problems. According to the CNN report, 56% of students have homework as the primary cause of stress among them.

Kids feel anxious because of not completing the assignment. Data shows millions of students think the same way, and there may be consequences. Homework, as we all know, causes a great amount of stress and many other bad things.

All around the world, many schools are planning to get rid of homework. This trend may sound alarming to some parents who want their kids to be admitted to elite colleges. But various reasons can justify that removing homework from a kid’s schedule can help develop other skills.

Reasons Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

Several reasons support why kids should not have homework which is as follows:

  • Can Lead to stress 

Homework is exhausting. Based on Stanford University’s report, 56% of students have said that assignment is stressful.

More than 80% of students have shown symptoms of anxiety and stress levels. So, students should not be drained by the burden of homework, which will reduce the levels of anxiety and stress caused.

  • Physical Health Problems

Due to the burden of homework and assignments, students tend to have irregular sleep patterns, affecting their sleep quality and health. Sometimes they stay awake late to finish their task and go to school the next day, sleep-deprived.

  • No Family Time

Today, parents only get a little time to spend with their kids. After reaching home, students start doing their homework and don’t get much time for interaction.

Family time, outings, and dinners are missed constantly because of finishing assignments.

So, removing homework will help develop a stronger family bond and make good memories.

  • No Physical Activity 

Physical activities are necessary for kids’ overall development. They go to school and spend hours and hours studying, and even after returning from school, they do homework. Due to this, they don’t get time to play games or have fun, which prevents kids’ overall growth. 

So, removing homework from their schedule will allow them to do activities and enjoy themselves.

  • Promotes a sedentary lifestyle.

Study time is important, but playing time is also necessary. If they don’t get enough playtime, it will impact their social development. In the future, they will need help connecting with people and staying outdoors, so they should be given time to play outdoor games.

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  • Homework provides no real benefit.

Several surveys have stated that homework creates a negative image of a school in the student’s mind and does not provide a higher level of success.

Students giving extra time for homework does not necessarily mean better grades.

  • No, Me Time 

Students have to spend a lot of time doing homework, preventing them from developing their skills and participating in other activities. They cannot follow their passion or other things they like to do.

Many students feel forced to accept homework over their interests, like football, singing, or painting.

  • Homework is Not Healthy in Every House

People believe that home is the best environment to do homework peacefully, but not all houses provide a healthy atmosphere. Some parents do not help their students do homework, which may also create a barrier between parent and kid.

  • School is Already a Full-Time Job

Students spend almost 6 hours in class daily. Also, they have to perform other activities like arts, music, or sports as traditional courses. Homework demands extra hours other than school timings for completion, putting a lot of pressure on students and making them tired. This is a big reason that stresses students, so homework should be banned.

  • Excessive Homework may lead to the temptation of cheating

Sometimes, in fear of punishment or under pressure, many students copy others’ work, plagiarize, or take the help of technology. Parents often help their kids complete their homework. So these factors develop the habit of cheating in students.

Reasons Students Give For Not Doing Homework

I couldn’t find my pencil
I ran out of paper
My computer broke
I was helping my Mom
My pen ran out of ink 

Alternatives To Homework

Homework can be exhausting at times; instead, they should be given other fun activities to help foster their skills.

  • Prepare a Dish

Students can be asked to cook a dish from a recipe book. They won’t notice, but to make the dish, they must follow the recipe, which includes measuring, weighing, and small calculations. It is a life that will benefit you in the future.

  • Minecraft

Allow your students to make a replica of their school, house, or favorite Minecraft building. This will help them understand measurements and calculations, and overall this will help improve students’ mathematics.

  • Build a Birdhouse.

It is a great activity for kids. Besides, that student will learn how to accomplish a task. This activity will make them nature lovers and kind-hearted.

  • Your life in 5 minutes – video 

Let your students Shoot a 5-minute video about their daily activities and what they learn. Ask them to write a script and make a story. This activity will also increase your involvement with your child and help them learn filming and editing.

  • Create a Photo Album.

Ask your kid to click pictures of their favorite things or holiday pictures and write a few sentences describing them. This will make them creative and help them understand different editing software.

Conclusion (Why Kids Should Not Have Homework)

In this blog, we have discussed 10 reasons why kids should not have homework. Considering all the factors mentioned in the blog, it justifies why kids should not have homework. It explains all the negative impacts of homework that impact students’ lives. I hope this blog will help you understand.


Why is homework not good for children’s development?

Studies have shown that homework can lead to increased stress and burnout in children, particularly those who are young. This can negatively impact their physical and emotional well-being, making it harder for them to concentrate in school and participate in other activities.

Isn’t homework necessary for academic success?

Not necessarily. Research has shown that the amount of homework given to students has little correlation with their academic performance. Additionally, children need time to engage in physical activity, spend time with family and friends, and pursue their interests outside of school.

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