A Presentation Report on Environmental Issue

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Questions for analyzing the article: a. What event led to the writing of this article? b. What is the main idea of the article? c. Select several facts (minimum 3), which support the main idea. d. Which arguments or points do you consider to be valid? Why? e. is the reportage, in your opinion, true, balanced, biased? Explain f. Are different viewpoints presented? g. Is the article an editorial? Is it investigative?



Your Current Event Article Analysis Assignment is due on

It will be your responsibility to submit a typed, printed copy of your assignment. Your papers MUST be printed PRIOR to the start of class time on the due date.

Words: Minimum 500

Presentations. You will be asked to present your analysis in a 4-5 minute presentation. Your presentation must include a synopsis of your article and provide a brief summary of the commentary and analysis you included in the report. The presentation will be recorded as a separate grade. Presentations will also be on

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