Agriculture Differences

social sciences


Please answer all questions in 2-3 double spaced pages each typed. Please be complete
and include research references for your answers on a separate page. Use sources in the
published literature and/or web to support all arguments.
1. Outline a presentation on international marketing for a company that has been in the
US, but is now seeking global markets in developing countries for further processed
frozen food products. Which countries should they target, how might they market, which
products would be best to sell for developing markets? What considerations should they
take into account? (Can we sell turkey in Yemen?)
2. Global population continues to increase. However, population in many European
countries, Russia, China and Japan are stagnant or decreasing. Average age of farmers is
also increasing. How will these demographic trends affect these countries in general and
from an Agricultural perspective.
3. Ag in the US has industrialized substantially. A similar level of industrialization in
countries with high populations will displace billions of workers. What will we do with
this excess labor supply?
4. Pick one of our major animal ag industries (ie: poultry, dairy, etc) and compare it to
that of Indonesia or Nigeria, developing countries with a population moderately close to
ours. What development efforts will be needed for their industry to be on par with ours?
5. Identify 5 key individuals or groups that might affect global agriculture through their
job or views. Present brief discussions of each person’s/group’s point of view. What
makes them a key player? Are they in the majority or the minority? Do you agree or
disagree with them and why?
The following areas may help in selection of individuals: cultural differences, religious
differences, global climate and/or change, biodiversity, GMO, and animal rights or

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