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An investment strategy based on funds. 3000 words

To develop an investment strategy specifically for yourself, and as realistic as possible, and reflecting your view of macro-economics and its impact on financial markets.

First analyse your own situation and risk profile (character, life-style, time horizon, objectives, etc) and then your macro-economic view, which should spell out your view of global economic trends and how they affect your choice of funds.

Then, as a reflection of your risk profile and economic view, determine your asset allocation and justify it. That implies the mix of shares, bond, possibly commodities and cash. Select a portfolio of mutual funds or ETFs , use any mutual fund or ETF available at for funds and for ETFs.).

Normally five to seven mutual funds and ETFs funds will suffice for diversification. Bring an element of timing into your investment plan.

use ETFs only or Funds only;. That will require you to describe the funds and the rationale for including them in your portfolio.

Note that for this exercise you may not include stocks or bonds directly in this portfolio, only ETFs or Funds. To fully address the question you need to produce a portfolio similar to the ones presented in the textbook and the video lectures.

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