Analyse the process of and differing perspectives on performance and reward management




Unit Number and Title:

 Psychology, Performance and Reward Management


Assignment Topic:



The purpose of the assignment is to assess if students are able to; 


LO1 Analyse the process of and differing perspectives on performance and reward management

LO2 Understand reward structures that recognise labour market and equity constraints

LO3 Evaluate the appropriateness of performance and reward management strategies in relation to organisation objectives

LO4 Discuss recent trends in the management of performance rewards




Information and Instructions to Learners:

·         The recommended minimum word count is 3,000 words. Anything above +10% will not be marked.

·         Appendices and reference list are excluded from the word count and will not be marked.

·The reference style accepted is Harvard Referencing.







Choose a company (or context) with which you are familiar:

·         It can be a local company or an international company (a small company that is not well known or a large national / multinational / global company)


Provide one page (up to 200 words) with background information on your chosen company:

·         Name of the organisation

·         Size of organisation

·         Nature of the business

·         Types of services or products offered


Assignment tasks


In this assignment, your role as a CEO is to direct the entire management team to build a competitive and competitive workforce to geographically expand in the year 2021. With that said, it is the strategic vision of 2021 to develop the management team and employees of the organization to be able to contribute to accelerate the progress of the company. This vision of the CEO is taken up with the aim of restricting the organization and to further study the factors that would hinder this progress and accelerate this process.


Tasks 1 to 4 relate to the company you work for (the context)

Task   5 relates to a short scenario




Assessment criteria (Total 100 marks)


Task 1

20 marks  


(a) Discuss the roles of the HR department as partners to ensure this task is successfully implemented. Justification of each responsibility in the context of the selected organization with examples shall be included

 (15 marks)




(b) Apply Control Theory to this context and explain how the performance of the employees can be shaped accordingly in the selected organization (5 marks)





Task 2

20 marks  


(a) Discuss the factors affecting levels of pay and performance in an organization (10 marks)



(b) Explain the monetary and non-monetary reward mechanisms in the selected organization (10 marks)



Task 3

20 marks  


(a)   Discuss the physical and psychological withdrawal behaviours in the context of the selected organization

                                                                                                 (10 marks)



(b) Explain the concept of employee turnover and list the cost of employee turnover for the organization                                        (10 marks)


Task 4

20 marks  



a)      Explain the need for a grievance procedure in the organization and the causes of grievances                                                         (12 marks) 


(b) Differentiate on the behaviours of difficult employees                                                    (8 marks) 





Task 5

20 marks  


a)      Discuss the aims of reward management (10 marks)  



b)      Explain the concept of market pricing and the use of market pricing in determining reward strategies (10 marks)












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