As a sales associate you have been hired to increase sales by 10% by the end of 2020.



You recently joined the sales team for the startup, United Sodas of America. As a sales associate you have been hired to increase sales by 10% by the end of 2020. The product is currently sold through the company’s website directly to consumers, but they want to expand their reach and customer base by selling wholesale to national retailers. 


Here are some resources to help you get started. You will, however, need to conduct additional research to complete the project. 





Your Tasks

1.       Create a marketing plan presented in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (10-12 slides)

2.       Create a PowerPoint sales presentation (10-12 slides). 

Part One: Marketing Plan


Your PowerPoint presentation will include the following sections (presented in this order): 

1.   Company
Provide a brief overview of the company. 

Product Features and benefits
Provide a description of the product including its benefits and features.

SWOT Analysis
This section will contain a SWOT analysis for your organization versus all of your competitors as a whole. Identify 3 strengths, 3 weakness, 3 opportunities and 3 threats. Present your analysis using the SWOT matrix below

SWOT stands for: Strengths of your product/organization, Weaknesses of your product/organization, Opportunities and Threats.

To determine strengths and weaknesses, examine the company’s website and other marketing materials. Consider looking at the company’s competitors’ websites by Googling “competitors of United Sodas of America.” To determine opportunities and threats, you can visit news sources local to the company; visit Statista or the U.S. Census Bureau for relevant demographic information.  

Also, consider trends in the demographic, economic, social-cultural, natural, and political-legal environments as well as trends in your industry that specifically relate to the product



·         Example: Human resources - The owner of this company has 10 years of relevant experience in a similar field.


·         <Strength 1>

·         <Strength 2>

·         <Strength 3>


·         Example: Competitive advantage - There are two competing companies in the same area that offer the same product for a lower price. 


·         <Weakness 1>

·         <Weakness 2>

·         <Weakness 3>


·         Example: Target audience shift - More millennials are starting to purchase these products. 


·         <Opportunity 1>

·         <Opportunity 2>

·         <Opportunity 3>


·         Example: Economic trends - The local economy that supports this company is experiencing a recession.


·         <Threat 1>

·         <Threat 2>

·         <Threat 3>


4.   Competitor Analysis 
In this section you will identify 3 competitors. Use the table below to complete the competitor analysis. 


Company Name

Product Name

Current Retail Price(12 pack)

Currently available in national retail outlets?















5.   Target Market
Identify and describe one (1) potential target market for this product. Use a combination of behavioral, geographic, psychographic, and benefit segmentation strategies to determine your target market. 

Imagine you have set up a meeting with a prospective national retailer to pitch the company and its product. Determine a potential wholesale price for a case (24 twelve packs). Provide a brief explanation of your determined price.  

7.    Distribution
Identify and describe an appropriate prospective national retailer that you will pitch the company and products to. Keep in mind the price and target market previously identified must complement the retailer selected. 

Determine Objections 
Salespeople commonly face challenges; in most presentations, they experience objections. List 3 objections you could potentially encounter during your sales presentation to your potential national retailer.  

9.    Meet Objections
How will you address (respond to) the 3 objections identified in order to close? List your responses the 3 objections identified in order to close. 


Part Two: Sales Presentation

In giving a sales presentation, a salesperson does two things. They show and tell the prospect about the proposal. You tell using persuasive communications, participation techniques, and proof statements. You show by using visual aids. For purposes of this assignment we will focus on the showing aspect of the sales presentation. 

The visual presentation (showing) incorporates three elements of the presentation mix: visual aids, dramatization, and demonstration. 


Visual Aids:

·         Headlines

·         Data

·         Bullet Points

·         Clipart and photographs



Refers to talking or presenting the product in a striking manner, showy, or extravagant manner. 



One of the best ways to convince a prospect that a product is needed is to show the merits of the product through a demonstration. Therefore, it is best to show the product, if possible and have the prospect use it. If this is not feasible, then pictures, models, video, films, or slides are the best alternatives. 


Your Task:
You have identified a prospective national retailer and scheduled a meeting to discuss the United Sodas of America with the hopes of convincing them to sell the product in their stores.  

Using the research gathered and the marketing plan create a PowerPoint sales presentation. You will use this sales presentation to deliver the company and product to your prospective national retailer. 


Your sales presentation MUST include:


  1. An overview of the company 
  2. A description of the product  and its features and benefits 
  3. The target market 
  4. Price 
  5. Why the retailer is a good fit for the product 
  6. Having identified 3 objections make sure your presentation addresses these questions indirectly 
  7. A multimedia component


In addition to the items mentioned above your presentation should also include any other information that would be important for them to know and therefore close the deal.  


Keep in mind your sales presentation should:

·         Tell a story, therefore it should have a beginning, middle and ending. The story should be concise and cohesive. 

·         Your slide design should reflect the brand of the company in terms of color, style, font, etc. 

·         Your slides should not contain paragraphs but rather use a combination of bullet points, pictures, graphs etc. to convey your message. 

·         Be creative in terms of design and story telling

Your sales presentation is not to be confused with your marketing plan. Your marketing plan is an internal document whereas the sales presentation is an external document to be shared with prospective retailers and used to sell the company and the product. 

Submission Instructions:
Submit one complete PowerPoint presentation. Part One (Marketing Plan) and Part Two (sales presentation) should be separated by a blank slide. 


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