Assessment Managing and Coordinating the HR Function



Managing and Coordinating the HR function



Component 1 (70% weighting)


Report on the HR function in Contemporary Organisations (2,500 words)




You will prepare an individually written report. The topic of the report is;


 Evaluate the effectiveness of the HR function in contemporary organisations for driving talent management strategies. You should consider the issues in at least two different organisational and country settings.


The deadline for this; 22nd November, 2019 at 4pm.


Task information


 You will submit an individually written report that evaluates how effective the HR function is in contemporary organisation for driving and supporting talent management strategies. In your report you should evaluate these issues in at least two different organisations and country settings. This means you should reference to two different countries and two different organisational types in each of those countries. You can evaluate more country and organisational types but be careful that are still able to go into significant depth of analysis if you explore more country and organisational settings.


You should reference the course material explored in the module including lecture materials and readings that you will explore on the module. However, you are also expected to conduct your own research to identify the issues relating to the nature of the HR function in different country and organisational settings. In this respect the country and organisational settings that you select will be based on your own research.


The structure of your report


Your report should be structured in the following way. Please note that the word count for each section has been provided as an approximation;


      A title page

      Executive summary (always written in the past tense and should summarize the main findings of the report)

      Contents page

      Introduction to the topic. This should include an outline of the nature of the HR function and how it has evolved in different countries to drive talent management. This section should include a definition of the HR function, it’s evolution and strategic focus and a definition of talent management and how HRM can drive competitive advantage (approx. 750 words)

      Discussion of issues relating to the effectiveness of the HR function in two different countries and organizational settings. This should include a critical evaluation of different people strategies used by organisations for achieving competitive advantage e.g. human resource planning, recruitment and selection, talent management strategies, diversity management, employer branding, employee engagement and performance management. This evaluation should be conducted through a critical lens to consider the effectiveness of the structure and delivery of HRM in different countries and organizational settings. You can present this section in two different chapters to reflect the different country settings (1500 words)

      Conclusions. In this section you should identify the key conclusions that can be drawn from your report and analysis relating to the effectiveness of the HR function in driving talent management strategies in different countries and organizational settings (approx 250 words)

      Reference List using Cite Them Right Harvard Conventions.

      Appendix (remember that important information should be summarised and included in the main body of your report)

      Your work should be presented in Arial or Times New Roman Font 12. 

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