AVS Construction began as a daring dream of a group of civil engineers who were ahead of their time.





AVS Construction began as a daring dream of a group of civil engineers who were ahead of their time. Our aspirations have made-up the path for a global future, nourished with growth opportunities to become one of Malaysia’s leading corporation in our chosen fields of construction.


The result of a merger between three medium-sized local construction companies with IBB Construction Sdn Bhd, Jurotama Sdn Bhd and Mudajaya Sdn Bhd, AVS was formed in 2008 to compete as equals with well-capitalized foreign players who had entered the growing Malaysian construction industry. In 2012, AVS acquired the Road Builder Group to increase its position as one of the country's biggest builders. 


AVS now celebrates 5 years of a winning game, with a footprint that has grown across the world. It has gained recognition as a honored Malaysian empire delivering the promise of inspired solutions to its business partners and customers every day.


In 2014 , AVS developed its Blue Ocean Strategy road map with the aim of creating new market spaces with growth opportunities to elevate business growth and sustainability. AVS became the 1st public-listed company in Malaysia to be connected via Workplace by Facebook.


Construction is AVS's core business. AVS Construction is always committed to the highest standards of quality and performance, our professionals are the foundation upon which we have built our name as an internationally competitive builder.


In a competitive building construction market, our ability to provide resolution with the best balance of cost, function, efficiency, maintainability and delivery has helped us stand out. The term “We Deliver” is not just a promise. It is the driving force behind our extraordinary focus on process excellency and quality, standards by which we live and ensure our continued success.






l  What defines us is our customer passion, innovative spirit, drive for excellence and sustainable practices.


l  To be an internationally admired construction company


Core values


l  Integrity - We act with professionalism in everything we do and everyone we deal with, always delivering our promise.

l  Teamwork - We work, collaborate and succeed in unity. We trust and respect each other and embrace diversity in pursuing shared goals.

l  Innovation - We are passionate in our pursuit of work excellence, always seeking in continuous improvements through new ideas and creativity.

l  Customer - We place our customer at heart of everything we do, constantly delivering at the right time with high quality and great attitude.


Introduction to Safety and Health


Occupational Safety and Health basically provides a working environment which is contributive to safety and health. As an employer, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. A safety and health management method, or safety program, can help you focus your attempt at rising your work environment. Whatever you call it, your plan describes what the people in your organization do to prevent injuries and illnesses at your workplace.


Every organization will have its own unique system, reflecting your way of doing business, the hazards of your work, and how you manage the safety and health of the employees. It depends on having a small business will be in a low-risk industry, the system may simply involve listening to your employees' concerns and responding to them. If it is a large business in a hazardous industry it may have notebooks full of written policies and procedures and a full-time safety director.


Working on one's own initiative forms the basis for safe and healthy working conditions. The employer and the supervisors acting as the employer's representatives are legally responsible for the safety and healthiness of the workplace. Occupational health and safety cooperation personnel are experts that promote the working conditions of the workplace. The law requires employees to also take care of their own safety and the safety of their co-workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the official body that sees to that the minimum standards for working conditions are followed.


Occupational health and safety work is ordered by assorted laws,one of them is  Occupational Safety and Health Act. Their goal is to make sure that working is safe and healthy and that solution are addressed cooperatively in the workplace. In pattern, these acts compel employers to assess work risks, orient and guide people to do their work, furnish occupational health care, and support the employees' working capability.

Above all, the goal of occupational health and safety work is to ensure that employees can and are able to do their work effectively. Occupational health and safety may be seen as a burden, but it has considerable benefits for the company, as healthy employees enjoy their work more and are guaranteed to be more productive.

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