Based on the interviews that have been conducted (Solved)



Based on the interviews that have been conducted.


v That participants fully appreciated the opportunities that the program gave them to network with other in the failed of the healthcare

v Both instructors were very well prepared to the workshop and have covered the topic   perfectly

v  The participants agreed to that this training is much better that what they usually take from the MOH or clusters (the level of learning out comes)

v All interviewees agree to that the teaching style was great. instructors push them to the max level (provide a lots of engagements activity to each exercise or topic in the workshop 

v Getting access to the healthcare sector (this mean the criteria to the target audience were good)

v The lack of handouts during the session (writing people would like to have more handout, so they can write their notes on it, this is go 100% against the instructor’s style of teaching which depends on engagements and practical style.

v The coaching session that been provided the participants was really great and useful

v Concern about accreditation (everybody ask about this if there’s accreditation for this training program or not?    

v The pre assessment that been provided by the VRO office sent before the program in short time, it needs to be before 4-6 week before

v The training

v the topic the AHA moment and the different they found attaching their leadership skills and how they can improve   

v the workshop allows participants to know their behavioral issue and how it effect the leadership style  

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