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This assignment is a written paper based upon an earlier assignment (Java code that is attached) related to the Selection Sort Algorithm. This assignment may be difficult to complete due to having to analyze the attached code to provide appropriate answers; if you find that the code needs to be modified for you to answer the questions, then please let me know. The assignment is described as follows:

Submit a paper written with Microsoft Word that discusses the results of your analysis based on the following items:

  • A brief introduction of the Bubble Sort algorithm and how the two versions of the algorithm in the attached code compare.
  • A discussion of the critical operation that you chose to count with and an explanation of why you selected it.
  • A Big-Theta analysis of the two versions of the algorithm
  • A discussion of the results of your study which should include: 
  • -graphs of your results
  • -a comparison of the performance of the two versions of the algorithm
  • -a comparison of the critical operation results and the actual execution time measurements
  • -a discussion of the significance of the standard deviation results and how it reflects the data sensitivity of your algorithm
  • -how your results compare to your Big-Theta analysis
  • A conclusion that summarized important observations of your study

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