C# Programming in .NET Platform I (Solved)

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C# Programming in .NET Platform I Week 2 Assignment: 

Employee Information For week 2 assignment, you will need to do the following: 

1. Create a C# console app (.Net Framework) project class370148..w2assognment. 

2. Implement a C# application that collects employee information from keyboard, save in arrays. Employee info includes: • Employee ID (int) • Name • Employment year(int) • Employee Salary (int)

 3. After collecting employees’ information, implement a loop, let use enter employee id, search employee info from save employee info arrays. If user enter “E”, exist loop. If employee ID does not exist. Print “Employee is not exist” on screen. Otherwise make decision: If employee has more than 5 years (include 5) employment experience, and salary is lower than 5000, print “Ready for raise salary”. If employee has more than 10 years employment experience, print “Ready for promotion”. 

4. Keep looping until user enter “E”

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