It is intended that the online book store will enable a customer to browse through the available books checking out price, genre, author, book identification code and publisher details.

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In your capacity as systems analyst you have been requested to carry out analysis for an online book store system. As part of this analysis you are required to perform a number of tasks.





Babazon Ltd., have decided to set up an online book shop to increase their sales.  They will still retain their physical stores. 


It is intended that the online book store will enable a customer to browse through the available books checking out price, genre, author, book identification code and publisher details.  If a customer wishes to make a purchase, they will register their personal details (if not already registered), including name, address, phone number, email address and credit card details.  This information will be stored in a database.  When the customer has registered they are issued with a customer identification number and a password.  The customer can change their details whenever they wish, for example, if they move address, they can change their address on the website.


A registered customer can place an order to purchase any number of books, they can purchase as many copies of each book as they wish.  The customer places all items in a virtual shopping cart as they make their selections.  Once the customer is satisfied that they wish to proceed with the purchase, they click a submit button and then re-enter their personal and credit card details.  A receipt is issued once the transaction has been completed.  The customer can save, download and/or print the receipt.  The customer has an option to cancel the order within 10 minutes of placing the order.  Once the order has been approved, the book store staff will contact the warehouse staff to request that the individual order items be delivered by courier to the customer within two days.  The customer can keep track of their order and can view their own order details.  If there is a delay in delivery an email notification will be issued to the customer identifying the new delivery date.  A customer can refuse a book on delivery if they are not happy with the item’s condition.   A customer refund can be issued in this instance.  A history is retained of customer transactions, this is used to notify customers of new book releases which may be of interest to the customer. Customers who purchase more than FIVE books in a particular month will receive a 5% discount on subsequent book purchases for the following month.  Customer can write up book reviews and assign star ratings to books purchased.  Customers who purchase more than SIX books in the one order receive a 20% discount.


Babazon Ltd.,  also have plans to extend their business to eBooks.  They would like you to investigate this area further.  The Senior Systems Analysis would like you to develop your Class Diagram 2 to reflect additional functional requirements.






·        You will create a report format for your submission, which will comprise an introduction to your analysis work and will include all aspects of this phase of object oriented systems analysis.  The report should comprise (Cover page, Table of contents, Introduction, Noun identification Process, and 2 class diagrams).


·        You must show all your workings using an appropriate methodology in order to identify the relevant classes for both the current (Class Diagram 1) and proposed system (Class Diagram 2).


·        Create Use Case Diagram

Create a use Case Diagram for the description provided. 


·        Create Use Case Descriptions

Create a use case description for each use case in the use case diagram.


·        Create Class Diagram 1.  Use the noun identification technique (this approach must be documented) to produce the class diagram for the proposed system based on the use case descriptions.   This should include where relevant, attributes, behaviours, associations (plain and inheritance) and multiplicity


·        Create Class Diagram 2.  Rework Class Diagram 1 to include additional features that you think would be of use for the proposed system.  You are also required to research online book systems in order to help you with this task. You must use the noun identification technique. 


Use a UML CASE tool to represent your class diagram, showing all relevant information.


·              Hand-up details: The analysis for the system must be submitted as a Word document and uploaded to Moodle.  The relevant diagrams MUST be produced using Visual Paradigm CASE tool.



·              Work submitted must be your own.  Serious penalties will apply for any plagiarised work.  Please read Student Handbook with regard to plagiarism


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