Camp Great Outdoors operates eleven summer camps in Arkansas, Colorado, and Missouri.



Module 1: Camp Great Outdoors Discussion

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Camp Great Outdoors operates eleven summer camps in Arkansas, Colorado, and Missouri. The camps have three sessions over the summer that each last twenty-six days. During that time campers participate in activities that include: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, rock climbing, rappelling, cliff jumping, water skiing, hiking, and spelunking (caving). With such dangerous activities involving children ranging from seven to eighteen years of age, safety is a primary concern of Camp Great Outdoors. Its motto is “Safety first, safety last, and safety in-between.”

In order to lower liability insurance and improve the less-than-desirable safety record of the camp due to accidents that occurred last summer, Camp Great Outdoors is looking to develop a performance monitoring system to track the reported injuries that result from its activities. The directors of the camp desire to know a breakdown of the injuries by session, severity, and activity. You have been hired to create a performance monitoring system for Great Outdoors before the first summer session starts in three months. Describe how you might develop a performance monitoring system that can pinpoint dangerous activities, thus lowering liability insurance payments and increasing overall safety for the campers.

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